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Next to INCEPTION, I’d say THE LAST AIRBENDER is the movie I’m looking forward to the most this summer. I haven’t had a chance to watch the Nick Toon, but fans have spoken so effusively about its merits, I definitely need to witness it sometime. Either way, I’ve been very impressed by the trailers and I’m looking forward to seeing a kid kicking ass on the big screen. As I’ve said, it’s been far too long since THREE NINJAS.

If your mind was blown by the latest trailer, then I’m sure you’re going to get a kick out of these slick character posters that Countingdown’s gotten their hands on just recently (by way of IGN).  You’ve got Noah Ringer as Aang, of course, and Dev Patel as Prince Zuko. Having studied graphic design a bit, myself, I have to say that these are really well done. They’re minimalistic without being bland, there’s a great sense of mood and power in the color schemes and the photo compositing integrates very well graphically. Having seen one too many shoddily-done Photoshop collages that’ve been passed off  as official posters, I think it’s worth noting that these actually look like good illustrations.

Anyway, what do you lunatics in the Anime Vice community, fans and haters alike, think of these?

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I haven't decided one way or another about the film, it probably won't be as bad as Dragon Ball: Evolution and it probably won't be the best thing ever. But I'm gonna see it anyway
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Cool Posters...
Can't wait for the movie!
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1 - this movie is racist
2 - did you know that they've intentionally changed the pronunciation of character names now?
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Heaven forbid they diverge from the source material at all in an effort to make it easier to market. We wouldn't want them making too much money and deciding to make a sequel.
Shyamalan has addressed the race issue (unless you're talking about some other race issue beyond the casting that I'm not aware of). i09 had some Q&A time with him. Here's the first bit of his response:

 The great thing about anime is that it's ambiguous. The features of the characters are an intentional mix of all features. It's intended to be ambiguous. That is completely its point. So when we watch Katara, my oldest daughter is literally a photo double of Katara in the cartoon. So that means that Katara is Indian, correct? No that's just in our house.  And her friends who watch it, they see themselves in it. And that's what's so beautiful about anime.

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I like how they dare not speak anything to do with the original cartoon being called Avatar. Way to go hollywood 
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Yea, Im pumped about this one too.  I have seen the Nick show from time to time and love some of the inclusion of other mythology/religion from around the world(mostly  Hinduism).  I told my friend about and he ended up watching the whole thing from start to finish.  Infact, he still asks me if I have watched it yet.  And I plan to before the movie comes back.  I hope this turns out to be a better film than Shamalan's last few.  It seem, after Signs at least, that he tries too hard to make his films have a huge twists no one sees coming.
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@mattysen said:
" I like how they dare not speak anything to do with the original cartoon being called Avatar. Way to go hollywood  "
Well that's because of the rights that were taken by that other Avatar movie, you know the one with the smurfs.
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...its not "ambiguous" , they're obviously asian, the show won awards for showing off asian culture, this is like making a "Roots" remake and having an all-white cast.
Shyamalan's justifications for these changes were so absurd that its difficult for the mind to process; the "Big Lie" principle.
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At this point the angry fans are more racist than anyone related to making that film. All they can perceive is the color of someone's skin.
Not that I disagree with the notion that the cast is somewhat white-washed considering that film has a definite Asian-influenced setting. If the costumes, setting, and other appropriate cultural doodads are present, I'll be happy.
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The two posters look awesome, but I'm still not convinced that this movies going to do justice to the animated series or even be a good movie at all.  Also I have to say what in hells name was the point in changing so much like the Chinese Calligraphy, character pronunciations, and the Asian influences like the Fire Nation uniforms?  I just don't see any point at all to what they did.
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Aang's is badass
I really need to watch the show lolz
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I just showed these to my friend at work... and we both fan-girled a little in the office :)


I seriously CAN NOT wait for this film!  But apparently I'll have to wait an extra month!!  Because of the release date over here :(

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I don't understand the concept of "if you bring up race issues, you are the racist."  Can someone explain this one to me?  How is anyone supposed to speak out against any type of prejudices or misunderstandings if they are not allowed to speak about it without being demonized?    
The race/culture issues don't begin and end with the main casting.  The outcry isn't over changes, it's over HOW things were changed.  Attention wasn't paid to the people and cultures the original was based on, and they were changed for purely asthetic reasons.  Clothing, speech, fighting styles, writing, and, yes, obvious racial features across nations of people were changed, because they weren't important enough in the minds of the creators of the movie.  I get marketing and I get "demographics," but this is sending a message to every Inuit and East Asian person that your entire culture and history are nothing more than an accessory to make this story "unique" and nothing else. 
I could even get behind Noah Ringer playing Aang.  There's your kid actor that every (white) (male) (middle-class) kid in America will see themselves.  But who stands behind taking two distinctly tan characters and casting very pale actors in their place?  Never mind the argument that it would be too much work to FIND two people of Inuit-descent on the same level of talent (because that argument implies that these two kid actors are better than an entire group of people, and that group isn't worth seeking out anyway.)  They couldn't cast ANYONE of any race that typically has tan skin, because these two actors are the absolute best fit over ALL of them...  Does anyone really believe that? 
As for the posters... yeah, they look pretty but if I could bend fire, I don't think making crisscross flames around my face would be a good idea.
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@Murasakivie: This is a very good post. Feel good. :D
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