The Landscape With a King

The Landscape With a King is an anime episode of Campione! that was released on 07/13/2012
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Godou wakes with an unexpected guest in his bed, a guest that is here to stay.
— Crunchyroll

Plot Summary

Erica in her school outfit
Erica in her school outfit

In a dream, Godou receives a message from a purple haired girl, Pandora. She talks about the black art she and Epithemus left behind and about how the conditions are fulfilled. She calls him Campione, the slayer of gods. Then, Godou wakes up and gets ready. A week has passed, and Godou narrates about how he defeated Verethragna and that he had returned to Japan. On his bed, Erica who is nude asks him to get her a cappuccino. Moments later, Shizuka drinks tea and goes over what her big brother 's story, and while Erica hugs Godou's arm, she tells Shizuka that she shared a bed and a hot Bachio with him, an Italian word for kiss. Shizuka gets mad at her big brother. At school, Godou's classmate informs him about a transfer student, an Italian girl. In a flashback, Godou remembers Erica who explains that her kiss gave him the key to unlock the Golden Sword. Verethnaga congratulates Godou. Erica makes things worse for Godou as she gives him a kiss on the cheek and explains to the jealous male classmates about how they got together in Italy. Godou storms out from the classroom and grabs Mariya by accident. Elsewhere, Duke asks his servant about the 7th Campione (Godou)'s weapon, and his dead servant intimidates Liliana.

Yuri blushes at the thought of calling Godou by his first name
Yuri blushes at the thought of calling Godou by his first name

As Godou and Mariya walk home, Yuri asks Godou to punish him until Amakasu arrives and greets Godou. Over at the shrine, Amakasu explains that they investigate god related incidents and he and Mariya apologize to Godou. Godou asks Yuri to address him by his first name. Amakasu begins explaining to Godou about the red knight of Copper Black Cross. At home, Shizuka hits Godou for fooling around with Mariya since she notices he is with Erica at the same time. In a flashback, Amakasu explains that she is a very seductive woman with unparallelled figure, and he states that she might be seducing Godou under someone's orders. On his bed, Erica gets close to him as she feels his cheeks. Godou tells Erica not to seduce someone she does not like. Back in Italy, Arianna leaves Godou to meet up with Erica. Suddenly, a mysterious girl appears and addresses Godou as the Campione. The girl states that she wants the Snake from him, and Godou states he does not know any of the other Campione. Before she leaves, she calls him a liar and attacks him with owls. Erica pops in, and she tests Godou with the magicians observing them. Erica uses her sword and summons a metal lion, and Goudou uses his avatar, bull's strength, to throw the lion back. When the lion blasts him, Godou dodges using another of his Avatar's strength, Bird of Prey. Erica explains to the magicians about how there are certain conditions for activating the Avatars. Erica summons her special move, and Godou uses the power of the boar to attack her. Erica uses her boots of Hermes to dodge, and when she comes down, Godou tackles and pins her down. The magicians comment that Godou has potential. Erica teases Goudou, and she explains that she loves him and that no one ordered her. She shows him a medal.

Points of Interest

  • Bachio - It's an Italian word for kiss.
  • Erica has an ability to persuade others with her looks.
  • Mariya Yuri makes her debut.She is the head of the tea club and shrine maiden.
  • Diavola Rossa is an Italian word that means "Red Devil."
  • Liliana Kranjcar appeared last episode, but she was not given a name until this episode.
  • Duke Voban is the mysterious character from last episode. He has dead servants.
  • Erica has another ability with her sword, Golgotha Words of Power.
  • The opening and closing theme songs appeared.


  • Japanese Name: "Ōsama no iru Fūkei" (王様のいる風景)
  • Opening Theme: "BRAVE BLADE!" by Megu Sakuragawa
  • Ending Theme: "Raise" by Yui Ogura

Characters & Voice Actors

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Jo Takezuki Original Concept Jo Takezuki is the original creator of Campione!
Keizo Kusakawa Director An anime director employed at the studio Seven Arcs.


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