The Kissuiso I Love

The Kissuiso I Love is an anime episode of Hanasaku Iroha that was released on 09/18/2011

The Kissuiso I Love

Everyone is working in overdrive and pushing themselves to their limits to accommodate all the new customers with the hopes of not losing to Sui and keeping the Kissuiso alive! But, the extra work is taking its toll on the staff and arguments start to break out among the staff. Ohana starts to wonder whether they're going about things the right way. Ohana says even though everyone is working hard, they're not festing it up.

Plot Summary

Yuina and Ohana are helping out with the Bonbori festival preparations. Ohana is sad, and Yuina asks Ohana what she's going to write on her wishing plaque. Ohana hasn't given it much thought. Yuina says it's supposed to make dreams come true and it actually works. Yuina wants to study abroad and learn about the hotel situations in other countries. Ohana reflects on her time since she came to Yusonagi, how before she wanted to sparkle. Yuina gives Ohana a bag of wishing plaques to bring back to the Kissuiso.

At the Kissuiso, everyone is coming up with a plan to accommodate all the new guests. They decide to make breakfast a buffet. Sui is angry with them, since they decided to take more reservations even though she said not too. The staff are determined to give the same quality of service they always have, and Sui lets them do what they want.

An old picture of Sui
An old picture of Sui

Ohana arrives back at the Kissuiso, and tries giving the staff a wishing plaque, but most of them refuse to take one, saying they are too busy. Only Denroku takes a wishing plaque from Ohana. Ohana cannot help but think that there is something wrong with the way the staff are going about keeping the Kissuiso running. Minko gets angry at Ohana and accuses Ohana of siding with Madam Manager, saying Ohana has a place to go back to while Minko doesn't. Denroku comments that the people at the Kissuiso are good people.

Nako decides to sleep in the same room with Ohana and Minko because everyone is working so hard, and she is afraid she won't be able to get to work on time in the morning. Ohana says, everyone might be working hard, but they're not festing it up. Nako doesn't catch this though and falls asleep, saying work starts at 4a.m. the next morning. Ohana thinks to herself that everyone is being so tight.

Nako makes up her mind
Nako makes up her mind

The next morning as Ohana is taking a walk, Tooru sees her. Tooru says Ohana isn't being herself. Usually Ohana would butt in on everyone's business and make it happy, but it isn't the Kissuiso that changed, but Ohana did. At breakfast that morning, a returning customer makes a comment about the new buffet style breakfast. In the lobby, Enishi has started hanging up paintings from local artists, saying the Kissuiso is going to change. Ohana isn't so sure about this change. Ohana says she wanted to show Ko-chan the Kissuiso she loves. Sui allows Ko to stay in her room as a special guest.

At school Minko falls asleep in class, Minko still has her mind on the Kissuiso, as the first thing she says when she wakes up is, "Yes, Tohru-san!" Minko refuses to talk to Ohana, but in the kitchen, she begins to think to herself. Yuina reassures Ohana that Minko likes Ohana. Tohru had told her that she can be a cook anywhere, but she wants to stay here with everyone, including Ohana. When Minko thinks of Ohana she screams out, "BALUT!" and gets embarrassed.

Tomoe sprains her ankle, just as the staff are sent into overdrive!
Tomoe sprains her ankle, just as the staff are sent into overdrive!

Then Tomoe and Mr. Ren get into a heated argument about the speed at which the soups are being served. Enishi breaks up the argument saying this isn't the time to argue. Ohana tells Nako about Sui's intentions of closing the Inn so that they won't be stuck with her dream. When Yuina and Ohana are at the shrine handing in their wishing plaques, Yuina asks Ohana what happened to the Kissuiso's plaques. Ohana says no one had any time, Yuina says she'll go there and pick them up herself! When they arrive at the Kissuiso, they see Tomoe collapsing and dropping all the trays she was carrying.

Sui takes a moment
Sui takes a moment

Satsuki is taking a cab to visit the Kissuiso. Tomoe has sprained her ankle, but is determined not to lose to Sui. Ohana asks if work was a battle, and if it is really more important to win than to keep the customers happy. Nako tells them all to stop arguing. Nako loves the Kissuiso since she finally found a place where she can be herself, and wants everyone to bring back the Kissuiso that she loves. Sui overhears this. Sui agrees to take place of Tomoe, and Satsuki arrives just in time to say she can help out too. The first day of the Bonbori festival, and everyone seems to be working hard, but there is a lot less tension than before. Enishi comes to grips with issuing orders to everyone, including her sister and Sui. The day goes by very smoothly with everyone helping.

At the end of the day, after all the customers have gone to sleep, the staff go to see the Bonbori festival. The last scene shows the Bonbori lanterns lighting a path into the hills, and we can see the lights of Tokyo far into the background, as choir music is played.

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