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The King's Power is a anime/manga concept
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The King's Power - a power bestowed by the Void Genome. It analyzes human intron sequences, then converts it into Voids. Voids are an idea that acquires a form. Different people extract different voids.


"The King's Power" analyzes human intron sequences, then converts it into Voids. Voids are an idea that acquires a form, and hence, can be utilized as weapons. Each person has a unique Void associated to them. The function and form of a Void reflects that person's fears and complexes; it can be thought of the shape of the person's heart. Voids are capable to change as a person's heart and relationships change.

Undertaker managed to steal the Void Genome, which was originally meant to be for Gai's use, however, it was accidentally given to Shu Ouma. Now Shu has "The King's Power" and has the ability to extract Voids from others.

When Shu first acquired the King's Power, every time he would extract the Void, the person that he extracted it from would lose conciousness. After Shu learns about his past, his power is upgraded, and now he can extract Voids with the person being fully concious about it.

Void Rules

1. Voids can only be extracted from people with 17 years of age or younger

2. When you draw a Void from someone, that person loses their memories at the time surrounding the event. (The reason is thought to be because of the intron memory field being released)

Souta forgets what Shu did to him
Souta forgets what Shu did to him

3. The person extracting the Void needs to give eye contact to the person they're extracting the Void from. Either that, or make the person that they are extracting the Void from believe that they are giving eye contact.


Inori's Void - Sword

The Void extracted from Inori Yuzuriha is a sword which can act as both an offensive weapon by slashing it's opponents, or it can create a protective circular defensive shield.

Another Void was extracted from Inori, a larger and stronger Void which managed to stop the Leukocyte from hitting Japan

Daryl's Void - Kaleidoscope

Daryl Yan's Void is called the "Kaleidoscope". This Void acts like an actual kaleidoscope, creating reflective fields that can deflect and distort beams.

Student Voids

These are the random Voids Shu extracted from his high school's student body

Yahiro's Void - Shears

Yahiro was the student that witnessed Shu and Inori during the Undertaker's attack in Roppongi. He was the Void that Shu was looking for, and his Void are shears. These Shears have the power to sever lives.

Kenji Kido's Void - Gravity manipulation

Kenji Kido's Void is that of a gun that shoots out energy that has the ability to manipulation the force of gravity that acts on the object/person/place.

Arugo's Void - Darkness

Arugo's Void is a rod-like object that releases darkness that engulf's its opponent.

Arisa Kuhouin - Shield

Arisa's Void is a small ball-like object, which opens up and acts as a very strong shield. It was able to destroy a countless number of missiles, blasting them into smithereens

Souta Tamadate - Camera Gun

Souta's Void is an oversized camera in the shape of a gun, which has the ability to open anything, including highly sophisticated gate systems.

Hare Menjou - Bandages

Hare's Void are bandages that can both heal and fix things such as machines and infrastructures that are broken.

Gai Tsutsugami - Void Releaser Gun

Gai's Void is a gun that functions both as a gun and can release people's Voids.

Ayase Shinomiya - Legs

Ayase's Void are metallic legs that allow her to run, glide, and fly.

Tsugumi - Doll Maker

Tsugumi's Void is a device that allows her to make realistic and live dolls.

Kanon - Optical Scanner

Kanon's Void is a scanner that she uses to see far away like a binocular. It may be an optical scanner with devices that allows to measure distance.

General Information Edit
Concept Name The King's Power
Japanese Name: 王の能力
Romaji Name: Ō no nōryoku
Aliases The Ability of Kings
The King's Ability

1st manga book: Guilty Crown #1
1st anime episode: Guilty Crown #1
1st anime movie:
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