The King of Omashu

The King of Omashu is an anime episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender that was released on 03/18/2005

Book One: Water Ch. 5

The King of Omashu

When the kids damage an Earthbending city, they have to answer to a crazy old king.

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Arriving to the kingdom of Omashu, Katara and Sokka marvel at the sights, and the two tells Aang to put on a disguise. With Aang using Appa's fur as his mustache and wig, they trek to the kingdom, and when Aang tells them how kind the Omashu's people are, they see the soldiers destroying a man's cabbage cart. When Aang makes up some ridiculous lie, the soldier tells Katara to look after the old man and that Sokka should help carry his old man's belongings. Inside the kingdom, they see the works of the Omashu's delivery system with the power of Earthbending. In Aang's memories, Bumi reveals to Aang about using the chutes as a giant slide. The two enjoy themselves, and Aang has Katara and Sokka ride the chutes with him before they meet Bumi. Then, a chute with spears comes dangerously close with Aang's chute. Aang drives the cart off the chute and onto another chute. After using airbending to make the chute go fast, they crash into another chute which causes them to go off course. They crashed into a man's cabbage cart. As the soldiers bring Aang's group to the King, the King announces his judgement. He states to throw them a feast much to everyone's confusion. Katara finds the king strange, and when the king asks Aang where he lives, Aang lies and the king makes a joke. Suddenly, the king throws a chicken at Aang who uses airbending in front of them. The king informs his people that they have the Avatar, and he explains to them that the Avatar will face 3 trials.

On the following morning, the guards wake up Aang who finds his friends gone. The king reveals that creeping crystal will cover Aang's friends and that Aang must pass the trials in order to free his friends. In the first trial, Aang must retrieve a key in a middle of a waterfall that is surrounded by sharp rocks, and he loses his grip from the ladder. On the rebound, Aang jumps to the ceiling and dives into the waterfall only to miss. Then, Aang grabs a piece of rock and uses his airbending to carry the key. It impales the wall above the king. In the second trail, Aang has to catch the king's beloved bunny (Flopsy). Yet, Aang is chase by a rabid beast that is big as Appa. When Aang realizes that the beast is Flopsy, Flopsy heels and plays nice with Aang. As the king plays with Flopsy, Katara and Sokka are slowly being encased by the crystal.

In the 3rd trail, Aang has to choose among 3 opponents, and he picks the king who reveals his buff body. The king jumps down with impressive earthbending, and he reveals that he is the most powerful earthbender. After Aang gets his staff back from the guard, the king manages to knock Aang with his bending. Aang continues to evade, but his attacks cannot reach past the king's defenses. When Aang attempts to charge at the king, the king has the ground engulf Aang. Before Aang gets squished, he dodges and manages to hit the king. As the king attempts to raise an enormous boulder, Aang quickly runs in a circle to create a cyclone to send the king's boulder back at him. However, the king breaks the boulder only to have Aang point his staff at him. When the king jumps to Katara and Sokka's location, the king asks Aang to guess his name. Katara tells him to think about the trails, and Aang answers Bumi as he hugs his own friend. It turns out that the creeping crystal is rock candy, and King Bumi did these trials for entertainment and to remind Aang about his mission to stop the Fire Lord. Moments later, Aang and King Bumi enjoy themselves as they slide down the chute like old times.

Points of Interest

  • King Bumi has lived long enough to see his old friend, Aang, alive over 100 years.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Bryan Konietzko Writer Bryan Konietzko is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.
Michael Dante DiMartino Writer Michael Dante DiMartino is the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender and executive producer.


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