The Killer From Jusenkyo

The Killer From Jusenkyo is an anime episode of Ranma ½ that was released on 06/08/1990
In Jusenkyo, the guards have Identified people who have broken the rules after being cursed, namely Ranma, Genma, Shampoo, Ryoga and Mousse. the biggest guard at the meeting Kin'nee, says he will track them down. The guards capture Mousse, Shampoo and Ryoga. Genma, while walking home, suspects something is wrong, barricading himself upstairs in the bathroom mid-way through dinner. at the same time, Cologne appears, stating she can't find Mousse or Shampoo, hoping they were at the Tendo residence. 
suddenly, there is a scream from upstairs, and everybody goes to investigate. They arrive to find Genma in panda form being kidnapped and carried away by two of the Jusenkyo guards. Cologne notes, that based on the cut marks in the wall, they were done by a practicer of Blue Dragon Sword Muscle Martial Arts. there was also an armband found at the scene, which belonged to the Jusenkyo Morals committee, with Cologne saying it was a secret society, with its motives unknown, but are fanatic about moral ulholding, and sometimes send assassins after perpitrators. Happosai devises a plan to free Genma, Shampoo and Mousse.
Happosai's plan involves Ranma as a girl stealing underwear to get the Morals Committee's attention, to which they to appear, along with Kin'nee. He attacks Ranma, who dodges, and counters by throwing a bucket of water on him, turining him into a young priest. the other guard states that Kin'nee fell into the pond of the drowned priest who died 999 years before. 

as a priest Kin'nee agrees to tell Ranma where his father is after asking for him, stating he is far away, but in Japan still. they find him, being punched, and derived of sleep. Ranma frees Genma after shooing off the guard, and goes after shampoo with the key. however, the guard returns Kin'nee to his normal state, where he chases after Genma. Ranma frees Shampoo, and finds Ryoga and Mousse there, and frees them both. Genma is then trapped by Kin'nee's fissure technique, and is then changed back to human form before he was about to be captured, as his "final lesson". Ranma tries to stop him,l but is pushed back when the cave floor collapses. Genma was tortured by constantly forced to transform back and forth under a river. 

Ranma, still trying to get out, and hearing his father's screaming, is then held up by Kin'nee, who opens the path, but holds up ranma. however, ranma distracts him with a stone, allowing for everyone else to escape. they do, but Genma's safety is threatened if Ranma doesn't give up, so he surrenders. as he is being tortured, he kicks water in Kin'nee's face, turning him back into a priest, and then Ranma asks him to save him. 
 Ranma and Genma Line up against Kin'nee
 Ranma and Genma Line up against Kin'nee

However, Kin'nee gets transformed back before his priest form can, and enraged, decides to torture both at the same time. however, Shampoo attacks Kin'nee, causing him to knock the guard with the kettle into the water. completely annoyed, he attacks Ranma directly, but misses, and cuts Ranma's bonds instead. Ranma then unties Genma, and the two then position to spar against Kin'nee.
Genma runs off, leaving Ranma to fight alone, on which Kin'nee uses his ultimate attack, the Earthquake Break Dance, attacking Ranma with the mountains. Ranma figures the only way to stop him is to grab the Blue Dragon Sword, and lunges towards Kin'nee. flippin off the branch of the tree nearby, he swings behind Kin'nee, grabbing him, piledriving him into the water below. the guard frantically tries to change Kin'nee out of his priest form, but fails as the kettle's water has gone cold.
Genma and Co pull the three of them from the water, where Kin'nee, after seeing the destruction caused by the sword, casts it into the water, where it sinks. Genma apologises for Ranma's involvment in Jusenkyo. Ranma replies as if he forgives his father, only to verbally taunt him, resulting in Genma angrily letting go of the rope, telling him to restart his training.

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Rumiko Takahashi Writer Creator of some of the most popular (and longest) comedy franchises, like Ranma 1/2 and InuYasha.


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