The Key of Hope

The Key of Hope is an anime episode of Fairy Tail that was released on 05/21/2011
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Natsu, Wendy, Charle, and Happy explain to the Edolas Fairy Tail guild that they came from another world and want to save their friends. Despite the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild's warnings, the gang moves on. At the Edolas Kingdom, Erza, Hughes, and Sugarboy talk about the Lacrima. After Panther Lily and Bryo appears, Erza and the others talk about the recent military buildup. Meanwhile, Coco tells the King that the giant Lacrima from Earthland will last for 10 years, but the King tells Coco that they need an endless supply of magic.

After a monstrous pink frog attacks Natsu and his friends, Edo-Lucy appears and takes down the monster with her magical whip. Edo-Lucy then leads Natsu and the others to a town to pick up some magical items to help them use their magic. Meanwhile, Gajeel appears and learns that his counterpart is a freelancer writer. Back to Natsu's gang, when the Edolas soldiers discover them, Natsu and Wendy unleash their magic from the magical items on them creating a diversion. As soon as Natsu and the others see Earthland Lucy getting captured by the Edolas soldiers, he runs off to save her. However, Lucy summons Scorpio who defeats the soldiers. At first, Natsu and Wendy are shocked that Lucy can use magic, and as Lucy rushes out to embrace her friends, she notices her Edolas counterpart.

Plot Summary

Everyone in Edolas Fairy Tail having a "what" moment
Everyone in Edolas Fairy Tail having a "what" moment

Natsu and Wendy explain to the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild that they came from another world to rescue their friends. The Edolas guild are quite surprised by the fact that the Fairy Tail guild in Earthland has Erza on their side. After Edolas Wendy has some interesting moments with Wendy, Natsu asks the guild to show the way to the Royal City. The guild hesitates, and Wendy explains that they have to rescue their friends before their magical energy gets "used up." Edolas Wendy explains that the Edolas Kingdom is very formidable, and Edolas Elfman explains magic is limited in this world. In addition, Gray Surge elaborates that the King monopolizes all the magic while Juvia explains that the King has ordered a law to disband all guilds. Edolas Jet and the others share their sad tale that half of their guild including the master has perished due to the Edolas Kingdom. Despite what the Edolas Fairy Tail Guild says, Natsu states with determination that he will save his friends no matter what. As the guild have a "what" moment, Lisanna who looks at Natsu quietly exits.

The giant Lacrima
The giant Lacrima

At the Edolas Kingdom, a giant blue Lacrima appears. Hughes, who is with Erza and Sugarboy, shouts "awesome!" as soon as he sees the Lacrima. When Hughes says the Lacrima is made of 10,000 Earthland people, Sugarboy corrects Hughes by stating it is made of 100 mages plus other living things.

Pantherlily makes his entrance
Pantherlily makes his entrance

After the narrator explains the military occupation of Hughes, Sugarboy, and Erza, Byro appears behind them. Byro tells Erza that her reputation as "Fairy Hunter" is not believable due to the guild still running around. Sugarboy assures Byro that Erza will capture them, and Hughes comments on how amazing her sword is. After Byro does his creepy laughter, Panther Lily appears and tells Byro and Hughes to shut their mouths. He despises loud mouth people and leaves them. Erza notes that Panther Lily is not pleased with the recent military buildup, and this buildup is not necessary because the Edolas Kingdom has control over the whole world. At first, Sugarboy talks about the resistance, but Erza reassures him that the army will soon take care of them. Hughes still does not understand while Byro makes a creepy face.

King Faust wants limitless magic
King Faust wants limitless magic

In the King's room, Coco runs with her barefeet and announces that the Lacrima will be extracted in 4 days. Faust makes Coco confused by telling her it is not enough. Coco runs in a circle and explains that the Lacrima will last for 10 years but Faust explains that it is not enough in that the kingdom needs an endless supply of magic.

Edo-Lucy saves Natsu and the others from a giant frog-like creature
Edo-Lucy saves Natsu and the others from a giant frog-like creature

In the desert, Natsu chases a pink frog and tries to catch it for Earthland Lucy as a souvenir. But in doing so, Natsu bumps into a huge pink creature, and as he tries to fight it, he realizes he can't use his magic. With no power, Natsu and the others flee. Nonetheless, Natsu attempts to attack the monster, but the monster's belly bounces Natsu back. As Natsu falls, Edo-Lucy appears and defeats the monster with her magical whip. Immediately, Happy and Wendy call out to her saying "Scary Lucy!" which annoys her and causes her to yell at them for the nickname. When Charle asks why she's here, she blushes and says that the area is dangerous and that she's not here to help them. Natsu tells her that she is indeed Lucy due to her words and gesture causing Edo-Lucy to state that that doesn't make sense. Then when Natsu and Happy whisper something about showing the real Lucy Edo-Lucy and how they can't wait to see the real Lucy's face, Edo-Lucy kicks them over their implication that she was a fake.

"Spit it out punk!"
"Spit it out punk!"

Elsewhere, Gajeel makes an appearance as he approaches the city of Louen. Back to the group, when Edo-Lucy asks Natsu and the others how they use magic, Charle explains by comparing Earthland to Edolas. She explains that in Earthland, a person holds magic within their bodies whereas in Edolas, this is not possible, hence it is used as an object. After Edo-Lucy reveals an underground shop, Gajeel asks the villagers where the Lacrima is. After being ignored, Gajeel asks some punks. When the punks refuse to answer him, Gajeel beats them up and they admit that they don't know a thing about it. Upon taking a closer look at Gajeel, the punks comment that he had gotten more stronger but Gajeel says he's not this "Gajeel" that they know. Curious, he asks them what this "Gajeel" is like and they explain that he's a freelancer writer who criticizes the kingdom. Intrigued, Gajeel goes out to seek his counterpart.

The shopkeeper gives a demonstration of his merchandise
The shopkeeper gives a demonstration of his merchandise

At the shop, the shopkeeper demonstrates the "Flaming Sword" to Natsu while Wendy finds the "Air Bullet" weapon. The shopkeeper shows Wendy how to use it. After the demonstrations, the shopkeeper gives them a deal of 18,000 each. At first, Edo-Lucy asks Natsu if he has any money. Natsu and Wendy reply no, and Natsu tells Edo-Lucy to pay the man. After Edo-Lucy thinks that she may like being pressured like this, she agrees to treat them. But the shopkeeper decides to give these items as gifts to "Lucy-sama" since she saved him from a gang of hoodlums a while back. After obtaining the items, Happy comments that scary Lucy is more dependable than their Lucy.

Edo-Lucy thinks her counterpart is a joke
Edo-Lucy thinks her counterpart is a joke

Edo-Lucy becomes curious when she asks Natsu and his group about her counterpart. At a cafe, she begins to laugh hysterically over how her counterpart is a writer, comes from a rich family, and uses key magic. Natsu then comments that she's noisy just like their Lucy causing Edo-Lucy to yell at him to not call her noisy. When Wendy asks her how to use her air bullet, Edo-Lucy yells at her to hide it and not to show it in front of people because magic is forbidden so that the Kingdom could monopolize it.

Scorpio blasts the soldiers
Scorpio blasts the soldiers

After Edo-Lucy talks about how the kingdom took a piece of their culture away by taking away their magic, Natsu who is smiling tells her that if they beat the kingdom, then magic would be used freely. As Edo-Lucy tells Natsu that is not an easy task, the Edolas soldiers finds them. Natsu uses his flaming sword on them, but the soldiers' shields render his attack useless. Then Wendy uses her air bullet which creates a whirlwind and causes them to crash in another part of town. The group then decide to remain in hiding until they see Earthland Lucy being captured by the Royal Army soldiers. Even though Natsu rushes out to save her, Lucy summons Scorpio to defeat her enemies which shocks Natsu, Wendy, and Edo-Lucy. As Lucy rushes to embrace her friends, she sees her counterpart with shock.

Points of Interest

  • It seems that Edolas Lucy likes to be pressured and is more dependable than her counterpart.
  • Earthland Lucy makes her appearance in Edolas and uses her magic to summon Scorpio; she also meets her Edolas counterpart.
  • Hughes and Pantherlily, generals of the Royal Army, make their first appearance.
  • King Faust, king of Edolas makes his first appearance; his Chief of Staff, Byro, and his Assistant Chief of Staff, Coco, also make their first appearance in this episode.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • "Edolas" Lisanna is shown exiting the guild after learning that Natsu came from Earthland to save his friends foreshadowing a revelation.
  • Earthland Gajeel makes an early appearance in the Edolas Arc unlike in the manga.
  • Edolas Gajeel is revealed to be a freelance writer (Gajeel's counterpart is not mentioned in the manga).
  • The weapon dealer of the black market in Edolas is the counterpart of the shopkeeper from whom Lucy bought Plue's key in Episode 1 (not mentioned in the manga).
  • Edolas Lucy uses a new torturing technique on Natsu which is not mentioned in the manga.
  • Edolas Lucy mentions she likes being pressured and is more "dependable" according to Happy's remark.
  • In addition to more screen time for Edolas Fairy Tail in the anime, the main Fairy Tail characters of Edolas have a "what" moment whereas in the manga, it is the unknown characters that have the "what" moment.
  • Unlike the manga, Edolas soldiers have a mask over their faces.
  • In the anime, Hughes does not make silly faces behind Pantherlily's back.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Masashi Sogo Series Composition
Aoi Yamamoto Character Artist/Designer Animator
Shinji Ishihira Director A Storyboard artist that is the Director of the Fairy Tail anime.
Hiro Mashima Original Concept The mangaka of the popular action/adventure/fantasy series Fairy Tail.
Shoji Yonemura Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.
Tomohiro Koyama Animation Director Animation Director


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