The Judgement

The Judgement is an anime episode of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure that was released on 09/20/2002

Episode 5 (US) - " The Judgement"

After Avdol's death, Hol Horse taunts Kakoyin and Polnareff.

Episode Summary

Polnareff goes to attack, but Kakoyin stops him, advising him of the need to retreat until we can figure out how the enemy's Stands work. However they're not able to escape before J. Geil's Stand, Hanged Man, holds Polnareff at knife point, while Hol Horse shoots him with Emperor. Polnareff is saved once again, this time by Kakoyin, with some careful usage of Hierophant Green to deflect the bullet. Kakoyin and Polnareff flee in Kakyoin's hired car.

Polnareff now realizes that they have to work together, and Kakyoin solidifies their bond by elbowing Polnareff in the face, in lieu of shaking hands. Back at Avdol's body, Jotaro and Joseph have arrived, forcing Hol Horse to flee, as Hanged Man is no longer present, and alone he's out-classed. Meanwhile, in the car, Polnareff and Kakyoin discuss how they can beat the Hanged Man, and discover that he's now attacking them through the reflection on the steering wheel. They wreck the car and make their way from the crash site, realizing that Hanged Man can only travel from reflection to reflection – that his ability is related to light instead of simply reflections.

Shortly after this realization, a small boy comes up offering to sell them medicine to treat their injuries... and Hanged Man attacks from the reflection in the child's eye. After some angst, Polnareff throws dust in the child's face, forcing Hanged Man to jump into Polnareff's eye, allowing him to attack the Hanged Man with impunity. J. Geils cries out in pain, and Kakyoin and Polnareff follow the man's cries into some nearby ruins.

Entering the ruins, they finally find Geil, badly injured – or they only think it's Geil. Polnareff receives a real (not Stand delivered) knife in the back, from J. Geil, who taunts them, and then calls a bunch of beggars, to allow his stand to escape Polnareff's eye. Thinking quickly, Kakyoin flicks a reflective gold coin into the air. This draws the attention of the beggars – except for the one whose eye Hanged Man is in. Polnareff kicks dust in that beggar's eye, forcing Hanged Man to go into the coin, which is in turn cut in half by Silver Chariot, destroying Hanged Man. At long last, Polnareff gets his revenge against J. Geil, stabbing him to death with Silver Chariot.

Hol Horse witnesses this from around a corner, and decides to beat a retreat. However, he is instead beaten by Jotaro, who got the drop on him. Polnareff prepares to finish Hol Horse off next, when a girl who claims that she loves him grabs hold of Polnareff's knee, begging for mercy for Horse. Horse flees on his motorcycle, the group promises to get him after they've taken down Dio.

The next day, they pay their respects to Avdol's grave, and set out for Egypt, after Polnareff gives a Teamwork Speech, more out of reminder to himself than to the group.

In Egypt, Enya Geil, Dio's fortune-teller, and J. Geil's mother, senses her son's death and cries out in mourning, wounds similar to those on Geil appearing on her body. She swears vengeance against her son's killers with her own stand, Justice.

StandAppearance and Abilities
Hanged ManLight based stand, can jump from reflection to reflection. Can only be destroyed if the reflection it's in is destroyed and it cannot jump to another reflection.
JusticeForm unknown, but grants its wielder ESP.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takashi Kobayashi Director Takashi Kobayashi is a Japanese voice actor.
Junichi Hayama Character Artist/Designer Key Animation and Character Design for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, among other series.
Hirohiko Araki Original Concept Creator of JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
Toshihiko Shimada Key Animator Key Animator on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Season 2) among other series.
Kenichi Takashima Writer
Marco D'Ambrosio Music


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