The Inevitable Encounter

The Inevitable Encounter is an anime episode of Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE that was released on 04/09/2005
Syaoran returns home from working at an archeological dig at the ruins on the edge of the Clow Kingdom. Princess Sakura, having snuck out of the palace, eagerly welcomes him home. Wanting to spend the day together, they walk aournd the city. However, the princess's identity is discovered when they stop at a fruit stand; the palace guards show up to try and take the princess back to the palace, but Syaoran and Sakura manage to escape them. The run to the outside of the city and there the two resume their talk  Sakura invites Syaoron to come live at the palace. Syaoron politely declines, saying that the palace is for nobility and that he enjoys living where he does. Sakura tells Syaoran she has something important to tell him (it's largely hinted that she is about to tell him she loves him) but a bell rings loudly, signalling the end of the day. Sakura tells Syaoran she will tell himwhat she meant to say the next time they meet and leaves him to return to the palace. Syaoron returns to his house, packs up some supplies, and heads back to continue his work at the ruins.

Sakura returns home to the palace and is confronted by her older brother, Toyo, who is the king of the Clow Kingdom. Toyo teases her about Syaoran. Yukito, the close friend of Toyo, and high priest of Clow shows a diagram of the ruins drawn by the archeologists to Sakura and Toyo. He reveals that Syaoron and Sakura are destined to be together, however their relationship will undergo many trials and tribulations.

A mysterious man (later to be revealed as Fei Wong Reed) and woman watch the Sakura and her friends and family through a mirror in another world. He states that something is about to begin.

The scene then switches to another world where a dark, clad ninja (Kurogane) laughs from the rooftop. A princess (Tomoyo) and a female guard watch him with a mixture of fear and anxiety. She says that there is only one path that can change him and keep from committing acts of random violence.

Then a new character in a new world appears; an attractive, blonde male with blue tattoos on his back rises shirtless out of a bathtub. His name is Fay. A blonde girl with cat-like ears on the side of her head offers him his coat. Fay has sealed away an evil person by the name of King Ashura. He plans to escape to another world, fearing that the seal will not hold forever.

The story is brought back to the Clow Kingdom where Sakura stands on her balcony looking at the ruins and thinking of Syaoran. She suddenly hears a calling and the ruins begin to glow. Sakura begins to glow with a light, falls into a trance, and begins floating towards the ruins. Syaoron finds Sakura at the ruins; she is standing in front of a carving in the ground. He calls to her and asks her what she's doing but she doesn't respond. She touches the carving and it begins to glow. A group of ninjas appear from another dimension at ruins. The ground opens to another room.  Sakura floats up to a carving on the wall matching the one of the floor. She sprouts wings of light and merges with the carving. Syaoran, fearing she is danger, climbs up and brings her down to the ground; the "feathers of light" are broken and scattered when Sakura hits the ground.

The mysterious man watching from the mirror expresses his pleasure at the events, saying that the power to travel across space and time will become his. Syaoran carries Sakura out of the ruins only to be faced with the ninjas. Toyo and Yukito suddenly appear to protect them. Syaroan explains what happend in the ruins. Yukito tells Syaoran that Sakura has lost all of her memories and that without them she will die. Syaoran asks if there's anything he can do; Toyo tells Syaoran that he Sakura's chosen one. Yukito hurries Syaoraon, carrying Sakura, back to the ruins where he tells Syaoran that he is sending them to another world where they can find help.

Back in the world of Kurogane, the ninja is being sent to another world by Princess Tomoyo. He curses her as he disappears.

Syaoran and Sakura appear in the new world where they meet a tall, dark lady by the name of Yuko--frequenlty called the Dimensional Witch. Kurogane and Fay appear directly after. The episode ends with Syaoron begging Yuko to save Sakura's life.

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Hiroyuki Kawasaki Director
Yuki Kajiura Music A anime composer who is known for providing music anime created by Bee Train and the .hack series.
CLAMP Artist One of Japan's most successful mangaka, CLAMP is actually four women who originally worked together creating doujinshi and then went pro.


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