The Incarnate Formes Advance! Isshu's Greatest Crisis!!

The Incarnate Formes Advance! Isshu's Greatest Crisis!! is an anime episode of Pokémon: Black & White that was released on 10/04/2012

Plot Summary

The temple emerges up to the surface, and Giovanni asks the reveal glass to summon the three powers. The sky darkens, and the three Tornado Djinn all emerge from the clouds. While the reveal glass goes up to the Djinn pokemon, Ash has Pikachu break the barrier using Iron Tail. Once Cynthia's group arrive to the temple, they unleashes their Pokemon stop Giovanni. The reveal glass changes the Djinn Pokemon's forms, and Giovanni orders them to unleash their wrath. Iris's Dragonite charges at Landarus only to be knocked down. Thundarus tries to strike Dragonite, but Pikachu intercepts it to save Iris who is protecting Dragonite. In the sky, Garchomp dives into one of the Djinn Pokemon while the rest back up Garchomp. Giovanni has Meloetta give more power to the Djinn Pokemon who overwhelm Garchomp's group. The Djinn Pokemon freeze the ocean to seal Garchomp's group.

Meanwhile, Ash has Pikachu attack Team Rocket with Electro Ball using the energy it got from Thundarus. Ash's Unfezant rescues Meloetta. Giovanni refuses to give, and his Team Rocket allies notice the reveal glass mark on his forehead. Both James, Jesse, and Meowth tackle Giovanni to snap him out. After Team Rocket retreats, Ash's pokemon group are still battling the Djinn Pokemon. Wrigley makes a wish to calm down the Djinn Pokemon, and Meloetta begins to sing that reverts the Djinn Pokemon back to normal selves. By the beach, Ash and his group bid farewell to Wrigley and Meloetta. Ash and Meloetta embrace each other for the last time, and Oshawott bawls.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Norihiko Sudo Director
Toshiya Yamada Character Artist/Designer A Animator who is know for his work on the Pokemon series.
Shinji Miyazaki Music Anime Composer for the Pokemon anime and for some of the Crayon Shin Chan movies.


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