The iDOLM@STER is an anime series in the The Idolmaster franchise
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The story of an up-and-coming group of J-pop idols, based on The iDOLM@STER series of video games that has the player as a producer.


The Producer

Referred to only by his job title The Producer is, strangely enough, the producer of 765 Productions. Although he is still a rookie the Producer tries his hardest to encourage the idols under his care and further their careers. He becomes incredibly successful at his job, not only spurring the girls into stardom but earning the trust of each. He is a fan of light gun shooters and has a phobia of dogs.

Ritsuko Akizuki

Ritsuko was formerly an idol at 765 Productions eventually turning her attention to a more managerial role. Despite her mature apperance and position she is only 19 years old, younger than Azusa. Ritsuko formed the idol unit Ryuugu Komachi consisting of Iori, Ami and Azusa. When Azusa was unable to perform at a concert Ritsuko stepped in, demonstrating she could still perform as an idol. Despite her retirement Ritsuko still has a dedicated fan club who attended her performance.

Kotori Otonashi

Kotori is the secretary at 765 Productions, she works long hours and behind the scenes to help out the idols. Kotori enjoys surfing the web while her mind drifts off, often resulting in bizarre fantasies. She also greatly enjoys singing, occasionally performing for the patrons of an upper class restaurant. Not much is known about her past although she has connections to the Chief of 765 and Director Kuroi of 961 Productions, and may therefore have previously been an idol, possibly the reason for their parting of ways.

Haruka Amami

Haruka is a very positive but clumsy 17 year old girl. She often encourages her fellow idols and workmates, spurring them on when they feel down. Haruka loves sweets and often hands them out to lighten the group's mood. Her dream is to become a top idol and make her fans smile, even those all the way in the back row, a dream she decided upon after attending a concert with her father when she was young. Haruka is often seen with her fellow idol Chihaya, throughout their time together Haruka has helped Chihaya to open up more and the two are close friends.

As the idols become more famous Haruka worries that they are no longer spending any time together.

Miki Hoshii

Although her apperance may not indicate it Miki is only 15 years old, however her personality certainly matches her age. Miki was brought up in a very liberal family with her parents allowing her to do whatever she pleased, she can often seem spoiled but will encourage her friends and can be very mature when the situation calls for it. When Miki sets her mind to it she can achieve anything she pleases, memorising compex routines simply by seeing it once or acing a test at school with relative ease. Miki wishes to be an idol so that she can sparkle on stage and find more excitement in her life. She begins to develop a crush on the Producer, calling him Honey and wishes to gain the lead in a theater production in order to impress him.

Chihaya Kisaragi

Chihaya is a 16 year old idol with a great passion for music. She has a rather reserved and somewhat awkward personality, often unable to give a natural smile and her stiff shoulders being commented on. Chihaya has a very traumatic past which still haunts her to this day and as such she lives on her own in a very basic apartment. Her relationship with her divorced parents is somewhat strained, and she prefers not to associate with them. Chihaya's traumatic past is her reason for becoming an idol, she simply wants to be able to sing and as she states, would rather die than give it up. Originally somewhat distant to the other idols, Chihaya eventually overcomes her problems and guilt and is able to smile freely, she is close friends with Haruka whom she invited over to her apartment.

Iori Minase

Iori is 15 years old and comes from a very rich and influential family. She became an idol to receive recognition from her father and older brothers, successful and well respected businessmen, who often teased and argued with her. Iori is somewhat of a tsundere, often chiding the Producer and becoming embarassed when she somewhat compliments him. She is good friends with Yayoi, one of the few idols she is always kind to, often bickering with the others.

Along with Azusa and Ami she makes up the idol group Ryuugu Komachi and was the lead in their debut song "Smoky Thrill".

Iori always carries around a small stuffed rabbit toy she calls Usa-chan.

Azusa Miura

Azusa is the oldest of the idols at 21 years old. She believes becoming an idol will help her meet the man of her dreams and lead to a long and happy marriage, she has a pact with a friend that both of them will get married.

Azusa is a very kind individual, stopping to help those in need, however she is also very absent minded and terrible with directions. Azusa can often get lost when walking in a straight line through a building.

She is part of the idol group Ryuugu Komachi and cut her long hair to a short length in order to improve the synergy of the group.

Azusa also has an interest in fortune telling through the use of tarot cards and occassionally drinks beer, she is the only idol old enough to drink alcohol.

Ami Futami

Ami is the eldest of the Futami twins and is 13 years old. She ties her hair to the right to distinguish herself from her sister. Ami is a member of the idol troupe Ryuugu Komachi, she also performs various double acts and apperances with Ami. She enjoys playing video games with her sister and the two act as comic relief around the office.

Mami Futami

Mami is the younger of the Futami twins and like her sister is 13 years old. She can be identified from Ami by the way she ties her hair on the left hand side. When Ami became part of Ryuugu Komachi Mami was noticeably less enthusiastic than usual disliking the time spent away from her older sister. Mami is able to decipher text messages from her sister written only in smileys and emoticons.

Hibiki Ganaha

Hibiki is a 16 year old idol. Originally hailing from Okinawa she has a unique accent compared to the rest of the girls. Hibiki lives with a group of animals who she calls her precious family which consists of Hamzou the hamster, Inumi a St Bernard, a rabbit, a mouse, a parrot, a small pig, a cat and a crocodile. Hibiki seems able to understand her animals and often converses with them. They become upset when she begins to spend less time with them as her responsibilities as an idol grow but the group soon reconcile. Hibiki is somewhat of a tomboy and very athletic, she is often seen with Makoto and the two are frequently paired together on jobs.

Yayoi Takatsuki

Yayoi is 14 years old and the eldest child out of 6 in her family. Yayoi's family are quite poor and her parents work long hours, as a result Yayoi does all of the cooking and housework. She is very mature for her age and loved by her siblings who she looks after and keeps entertained. Due to the financial status of her family Yayoi has to spend wisely when buying supplies, she is good friends with the staff at her local supermarket who often reduce items for her. Although she possesses considerable cooking and cleaning skills Yayoi is not very athletic or academically gifted and her cheerful demeanour can be dashed quickly with harsh criticism.

Makoto Kikuchi

Makoto is 16 years old and the tomboy of the group. Her father desperately wanted a son and raised her as such, forbidding Makoto to wear skirts, dresses or have anything "cute" in the house while pressuring her into taking up various sports and martial arts. Due to her upbringing Makoto is very athletic, brave and deceptively strong and agile. The majority of her fans are females and she is seen as a dashing prince, even other idols are unable to resist her charms often falling for her instantly. Makoto is not afraid to stand up and fight for those in need even against multiple opponents. Although she is known as a Prince by her fans, Makoto secretly wishes to be seen as more feminine and become a Princess often putting on frilly dresses and even forcing the Producer to accompany her on a date.

Takane Shijou

Takane is a mysterious 18 year old silver haired girl. Not much is known about her but she claims to come from "The old capital". Takane is very majestic and refined, she speaks in a very polite and dignified tone and has become famous among fans because of her royal-like qualities. She is somewhat of a gourmand and is shown as possessing an insatiable appetite, her favourite food is ramen. Takane can often be found staring at the moon, her fascination with it is unknown however she talks to her Grandfather whilst looking up towards it. Due to her mysterious nature many of her fans speculated she is either royalty or an alien which she has neither confirmed nor denied.

Yukiho Hagiwara

Yukiho is a very timid and shy 17 year old. She became an idol to overcome her many fears, her most notable are men and dogs, which almost prevented her from performing. Yukiho's birthday is on the 24th of December and is celebrated by the idols at their christmas party. Yukiho is easily frightened and even the sight of a man will cause her to run in fear. She gradually overcomes her fears with the help of the Producer and her friends. Originally she is reserved and doesn't have the stamina or confidence to perform but through hard work and determination she eventually becomes the lead in a large scale TV apperance.

When Yukiho is terrified she often magically pulls a shovel out of thin air and begins to comically dig herself into a hole.

Theme Music

Opening Themes

  • "READY!!" by 765PRO ALLSTARS
  • "Change!!!" by 765PRO ALLSTARS

Ending Themes

  • Episode 1 - "The world is all one!!" by 765PRO All Stars
  • Episode 2 - "Positive!" by Kugimiya Rie and Mayako Nigo
  • Episode 3 - "First stage" by Azumi Asakura and Hiromi Hirata
  • Episode 4 - "Blue Bird" by Asami Imai
  • Episode 5 - "Moony" by Akiko Hasegawa, Hiromi Hirata, Asami Imai, Manami Numakura, Chiaki Takahashi and Naomi Wakabayashi
  • Episode 6 - "The Idolm@ster"by 765PRO All Stars
  • Episode 7 - "Good Morning! Breakfast!" by Mayako Nigo
  • Episode 8 - "Shyness! First bite" by Rie Kugimiya, Asami Shimoda and Chiaki Takahashi
  • Episode 9 - "Dawning starline" by Asami Shimoda
  • Episode 10 - "Go my way!" by 765PRO All Stars and 876PRO All Stars
  • Episode 11 - "START!" by Eriko Nakamura
  • Episode 12 - "Shocking boyfriend!" by Akiko Hasegawa
  • Episode 13 - "I" by 765PRO All Stars
  • Episode 14 - "Colourful days" by Yumi Hara, Akiko Hasegawa, Asami Imai, Eriko Nakamura, Manami Numakura and Asami Shimoda.

Insert Themes

  • Episode 2 - "Watashi wa Idol" by Kugimiya Rie, Mayako Nigo, Shimoda Asami
  • Episode 3 - "Alright" by Azumi Asakura
  • Episode 4 (1) - "Otome yo Taishi wo Idake! (Girls be ambitious!)" by Manami Numakura, Eriko Nakamura, Asami Imai and Yumi Hara.
  • Episode 4 (2) - "Blue Bird" by Asami Imai
  • Episode 5 - "Kami Summer" by Eriko Nakamura, Mayako Nigo, Asami Shimoda, Azumi Asakura, Rie Kugimiya and Yumi Hara
  • Episode 6 - "Smoky Thrill!" by Rie Kugimiya, Asami Shimoda and Chiaki Takahashi
  • Episode 7 - "Kiramekirari" by Mayako Nigo
  • Episode 8 (1) - "Agent Yoru Wo Yuku" by Hiromi Hirata
  • Episode 8 (2) - "Meisou Mind" by Hiromi Hirata
  • Episode 8 (3) - "Shiny Smile (Rem@ster - Version A)" by Chiaki Takahashi and Hiromi Hirata
  • Episode 9 - "Next Life" by Manami Numakura
  • Episode 10 - "L.O.B.M" by 765PRO Allstars
  • Episode 11 - "Waratte!" by Eriko Nakamura
  • Episode 12 (1) - "Furu Furu Future" by Akiko Hasegawa
  • Episode 12 (2) - "Do-Dai" by Akiko Hasegawa
  • Episode 13 (1) - "The Idolm@ster" by 765 Pro Allstars
  • Episode 13 (2) - "Otome yo Taishi wo Idake (Girls be ambitious)
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Shinobu Yoshioka

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