The Hero Stays at the Devil's Castle for Work Reasons

The Hero Stays at the Devil's Castle for Work Reasons is an anime episode of The Devil is a Part-Timer! that was released on 04/11/2013
The Devil is a Part Timer!
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Inches away from conquering the world, the devil is foiled by a hero and finds himself in modern-day Tokyo. With no real-world skills to speak of, the devil is forced to make ends meet flipping burgers at a fast food joint!
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

The Hero Stays at the Devil's Castle for Work Reasons
RomajiYūsha, Shigoto Yūsen de Maōjō ni tomaru
Theme Music
EndingSankaku e.p.
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Emi attempts to enter the portal to chase the demon king. In the present, she asks Sadao why is he working at MgRonald. Yet, Sadao interrupts her with a question about where she bought the knife. He points out Emi must have lost her sacred sword. The two are stopped by police who believes Emi is in a lover's quarrel with Sadao causing Emi to get frustrated and embarrassed. Before Emi leaves Sadao, she tells him to watch his back. In an office full of female workers, Emi's friend complains about her customers. She asks Emi if she wants to go to MgRonald. Emi declines and states she has some errands. As she heads home, she shouts in anger about doing the same monotonous thing every day.

Over at Sadao's apartment, Shirou answers the door and discovers that Emi is here. Emi demands them to open the door and cries moments later while Sadao chats with Shirou about Emi's situation since she has few magic powers. Once Emi enters the room, she looks down on them eating konjac and cucumbers. When Sadao remarks Emi is alone, Emi explains that Olba, her priest, didn't make through the portal with her. When Emi mocks Sadao, Sadao tells her that he intends to rule Japan after accumulating wealth and status. Before Emi leaves, she states that she can kill him, but she will use her remaining powers to escape this world. As she leaves, she mocks Sadao's name. After work, she stalks Sadao and Shiro to learn about their plans the next couple of days. Though, she finds them doing errands and trying new food. Emi's friend tries to invite Emi to go out with her but gets rejected. Emi's friend suspects Emi has a boyfriend.

At MgRonald, Emi asks Sadao to meet with her while Sadao tries his best to maintain composure. After Emi leaves, Chiho asks Sadao if he knew her. Chiho gets suspicious about Emi. Before she leaves Sadao, she asks Sadao about the earthquake. When Sadao mentions his roommate didn't feel it, Chiho asks Sadao whether his roommate is a girl. Upon meeting with Emi, Emi notes that Sadao is living a normal life and tells him to stay here for good. However, Sadao states that he will come back to Ente Isla to conquer it.

Suddenly, Sadao and Emi are under fire by an intruder. The two make a run towards the station. Then, Emi asks Sadao with a flustered face to let her spend the night at his home since she dropped her wallet. Over at Sadao's home, Sadao lends Emi 1,000 Yen. Shiro tells her that he is watching her. During the night, Sadao points out that Emi is alone, and he receives a message about Chiho about incoming earthquakes.

Points of Interest

  • Sadao Maou is also referred as Satan by Emilia (Emi).
  • Emi works at the Docodemo Customer Service Center. She lives by Eifukucho.
  • According to Shiro, cucumbers with honey taste like melons.
  • It seems Chiho has a crush on Sadao. There are two instances in this episode that carries this assumption. Chiho is suspicious about his relationship with Emi while asking Sadao if his roommate is a girl.
  • No eyecatches are used for this episode.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Satoshi Wagahara Original Concept Satoshi Wagahara is a writer.
Naoto Hosoda Director
Masahiro Yokotani Writer He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.


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