The Hero Learns The True Meaning of "Lover's Quarrel"

The Hero Learns The True Meaning of "Lover's Quarrel" is an anime episode of The Devil is a Part-Timer! that was released on 05/30/2013
The Devil is a Part Timer!
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Insisting that Emi and Suzuno need an impartial third party to resolve their dispute, Rika goes with them to meet Maou. Meanwhile, Maou tries to handle the loss of business caused by the opening of a new restaurant.

Plot Summary

The Devil's Finances are Saved By His Neighbors
Yūsha, Shuraba o Keiken Suru
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EndingTsuki Hana
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Rika plans to host a strategic meeting at Sentucky Fried Chicken and treats Emi and Suzuno. Mitsuki freaks out Rika when he grasps Rika's hand after giving Rika her change. While Emi talks ill of Sadao, Ashiya yells at Emi for making rude comments about his lord. Meanwhile at MgRonalds, Sadao observe business is slow compared to Sentucky Fried Chicken. Chiho suggests that they should try going out front to get customers. Sadao comes up and plan and has his crew clean the windows. In Sentucky Fried Chicken, Emi requests Ashiya's help after offering to treat him. Rika asks Ashiya about Sadao when Emi refuse to let any girls near Sadao. Ashiya explains that Sadao and him had a construction company and that Emi was working at a rival company. After Ashiya elaborates on his lies, he states that Sadao is working hard at MgRonalds from the ground up and that Sadao despises Emi. Rika shares sympathy with Ashiya after telling them how her family work together to support each in hard times. As she talks, Emi notices how Rika is getting close to Ashiya.

In front of the cash register, Mitsuki tells Emi that men tend to make their move on women who show weakness. Meanwhile, Ashiya informs Sadao about Sentucky Fried Chicken and their promos. When Sadao tries to make Emi order, Rika remarks how she thought Sadao was more charismatic. Rika and Sadao get into a spat. Chiho arrives with Emi's orders. Rika marvels how cute Chiho is and embraces her. Sadao and his staff attempts to get customers only to fail. Somehow, the folks find Chiho cute and take pictures of her Nabe arrives and delivers the Tanabata tree. Sadao and his staff decorate the tree outside. Like feng shui magic, MgRonalds gets a full house. Though, Suzuno is suspicious.

Points of Interest

  • Sentucky Friend Chicken's slogan is similar to Kentucky Fried Chicken's current ad: "You can eat the Bones."

Characters & Voice Actors

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Naoto Hosoda Director
Satoshi Wagahara Original Concept Satoshi Wagahara is a writer.
Masahiro Yokotani Writer He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.


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