The Hero and the Sleepy Man

The Hero and the Sleepy Man is an anime episode of The Legend of the Legendary Heroes that was released on

This episode jumps back into the past from the previous episode, where Sion Astal is just a little boy getting beaten up by bullies as his mother is close to dying, telling him not to get angry because there will always be someone who loves him.

Some time after his mother's death, Sion gets drafted into a special sort of Roland military academy for orphans, malcontents and younger prisoners who show promise in magical ability. While at this academy, Sion decides to form a team with himself, Ryner, a girl named Kiefer and a few other students. Ryner has a reputation as a lazy bum who likes to take naps even during class, but Sion did some research and thinks that the laziness is just a front to hide the secret that Ryner carries the power of Alpha Stigma.

After winning a mock battle against fellow students, Sion talks a little about Ryner's past, saying that after Roland's war ended Ryner and the other orphans at his orphanage were forced to choose between military service with the country or a quick execution, and Ryner was among those who chose the military. Sion then tells Ryner he wants to make the world a better place and become the King of Roland, and asks Ryner to join him. Ryner declines, wanting to take naps instead.

Almost immediately Sion is attacked by assassins, and he tries to escape them but gets cornered on the streets. However, he is saved by the timely intervention of Ferris, who makes him buy her some Dango as payment for saving him.

Sion further reveals that he was actually the illegitimate son of the noble who has become the King of Roland, but because his mother was a commoner both he and his mother were kicked out of the castle and forced to live in the streets. However, the king's other sons still see him as a potential threat, and have been trying to kill him. He wonders why the Eris family, dedicated to protecting the King of Roland, would bother helping someone like him, and Ferris makes him by her more Dango, saying she'll find out who is behind the latest assassination.

After that incident, Sion returns to the academy, and Kiefer tries to make out with Ryner, and during one rainy night several knights of Roland run through the Academy saying that the country is now at war with Estabul and that all members of the Academy are to head out and report to the front lines. Sion notes that apparently the heavy rains created a flood that destroyed a lot of Estabul's crops. Facing starvation, Estabul decided to annex neighboring villages and take their crops instead.

At the same time, Ferris and her younger sister Iris are torturing a man for information about the assassins, when he says that Estabul has prepared a force of 50 magic knights that will ambush and kill the trainees from the academy, including Sion, thanks to the help of a spy they have hidden in the academy.

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