The Heretic Activates

The Heretic Activates is an anime episode of Valvrave the Liberator that was released on
Valvrave the Liberator
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Haruto proposes to Saki, since he feels guilty about what happened between them. The school is under Dorssian attack. Haruto asks L-elf to drive the Dorrsians out. Shoko attempts to rescue Akira who refuses to go outside. Cain confronts L-elf.
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Plot Summary

The Heretic Activates

RomajiKidō Suru Itansha
TranslationRise of the Heretic
Theme Music
Opening"Preserved Roses"
Ending"Soba ni Iru yo"
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In the 211th year of the Galactic calendar, an older Saki narrates a tale to a child about how the founder of the empire had found the Magius after many of his classmates had died.

In the 71st year of the Galactic Calender, Haruto proposes to Saki, but she pushes him and remind that Shoko needs his help. Haruto calls L-Elf and is told that he is with Shoko. They then agree to meet up so L-Elf can use Haruto's body while his Valvrave is offline. Shortly after, L-Elf learns that the Dorssians are using poisonous gas with their drill and if it is not stopped the module will be filled with the gas. After L-Elf leaves, Shoko gets a message from Satomi asking her to help his sister escape since his sister is directly under the drill. Akira intercepts their chat and tells them that she would rather stay behind. Outside the module, Dorssian forces disable the remaining Valvrave by overheating them using a new unit called the Piedra De Sol. Meanwhile, Haruto and L-Elf decide to hide in the Valvrave and surprise the enemy when the time is right. However, they find Cain waiting for them when they reach the Valvrave. Cain overpowers both L-Elf and Haruto. Seeing that they can't win, Haruto tells L-Elf to escape, but L-Elf's escape is blocked by A-drei.

Shoko becomes tired of Akira's insistence on staying in the school. She rushes out to help her, but the drill emerges from the ground and knocks her out. The incident forces Akira to reconsider going outside, but she is haunted by her memories being bullied. Then she remembers all her memories with Shoko and their promise to go to the supermarket together. This gives her the strength to go outside and save Shoko. Outside, she finds the Valvrave Unit 6. Using the Valvrave, she saves Shoko and destroys the drill. In the process, she also frees L-Elf and Haruto. After being freed, the two head back to the Valvrave One and attempt to kill Cain while he is vulnerable. However, Cain is able to survive the attack using an unknown power. He then flies to the broken Valvrave and activates it. Elsewhere, a group of men known as the Magius gather around a waterfall.

Characters & Voice Actors

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ELISA ED Theme Song: Soba ni Iru yo
T.M.Revolution OP Theme Song: Preserved Roses
Nana Mizuki OP Theme Song: Preserved Roses


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