The Hares Break a Promise Under the Morning Sun

The Hares Break a Promise Under the Morning Sun is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 01/21/2011

Plot Summary

The Hares Break a Promise Under the Morning Sun -"Nousagi-tachi wa Asahi no Shita de Yakusoku o Kawasu" (黒い死神は金色の妖精を見つける)

The Mystery of the Queen Berry is solved, revealing more of the origins of the "Hares", and more of Victorique's past is revealed.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa

The Queen Berry sails roughly against the waves. Kujo finds Maurice dead on the floor, and Julie is the one who shot Maurice. Ned asks Julie to throw away her gun. Julie bumps into Kujo and drops her purse which Victorique catches. She notices something and hands the purse to Julie, and Kujo notices Victorique is holding his hand tightly.

During the hallway, Ned ask Kujo if being the third son has any privileges in his country. Kujo explains that he has better academic scores than his brother and that his older brothers always get preferential treatment. With Kujo's pride in her head, Victorique calls him candid. Suddenly, the group hear Ned scream, and they rush up the stairs. Kujo goes to feel Ned's pulse and announces Ned is dead. Despite Kujo's need for investigating Ned's death, Victorique wants Kujo to stand by him because she is afraid. She grabs him by the tie and tells him that they could get murdered. Victorique quickly informs them to run.

She tells them to hide in a room and grab any weapons. Kujo finds brass knuckles. When they hear someone coming, they quickly hide. A man with an axe steps inside the room. The man discovers Victorique by her dress, and he tells her that he is the hunting dog that hunts the hares. He grabs Victorique by the neck, and Kujo smacks him in the face. Victorique's necklace flies out. As the man swings blindly, Kujo punches the intruder one more time. Julie finds the necklace. The group locks the man up.

The group finds the radio room, and Julie hands the necklace to Victorique. Kujo asks Victorique how she know. She explains that Ned was playing with a tennis ball which is used to stop his pulse temporarily. Julie thinks Victorique is really scared, but Victorique replies she calls Kujo, so he can get away. Suddenly, Ned grabs Julie and throws her to the side. Kujo tells Victorique to call the radio, and he tries to shove her into the room. He tells her that he wants to save her. Finally, shutting Victorique in the room despite Victorique's plea to be not alone.

Kujo tackles Ned, but Ned punches him to the ground. Ned straddles Kujo and beats him repeatedly. Kujo recalls that he could not do anything. Kujo gets free and hangs on Ned's back. Yet, Ned throws him to the railings. Suddenly, Julie slams the axe into Ned's back. Ned turns slowly to Julie and smiles as he falls over board. When Kujo goes in the radio room, Victorique smiles. They hold hands again.

At day break, Victorique points to the beautiful, shimmering sea. As Julie walks down the bridge, Grevil arrests her. Victorique explains that she lied about being a daughter of a wealthy family. Julie wants to know how Victorique found out she was lying, so Victorique demonstrates the odd habit that Julie has in her walking: pacing only a few steps before walking back is not the way a person who grew up in a large mansion would walk. Therefore, Julie must have grown up in a place where one would hit a wall every time they walked five steps. An example of that particular place would be a prison cell.

Victorique points out that Julie always has her gun. She reminds Kujo of getting hit by Julie's purse. Another point is that the purse is lighter when Ned has Julie throw away the gun. Finally, Julie tells her story about being an orphan. She explains that she got caught ten years ago and forced to be on the ship with other orphans of different nationalities.

However, Ned's fake death drove everyone to suspect and to kill each other. Julie finds a dark skinned girl and befriended her. She gives a heart necklace to Julie. Julie and the girl arrive to the radio room. Maurice congratulates them as the hares. The man asks for their nationalities. Ned explains their nationalities: France, Italy, America, and Saubure. Maurice introduces Ned is of England nationality and that he is the hunting dog. An old woman (Roxanne) tells them to sink the box, fulfill the revelation, and fatten up the hares.

After the flashback ends, Victorique explains that Roxanne raise up hares to used them as augury tools. She explains that Roxane predict the future from the surviving hares. Despite Kujo's disbelief about the Queen Berry's connection to World War I, Victorique explains that people use fortune tellers to predict the future. She asks Kujo what were the outcomes of World War I. Kujo replies that they are France, Italy, Saubure, and America. Also, Julie explains that she was given an enormous sum of money which she used to raise the Queen Berry. When she asks how Victorique knew, she explains that Julie lies about the door being locked.

Grevil ends their discussion, and they walk out from the door. Julie sees Lee walking towards her, and she suspects Lee has also taken revenge. Julie throws Lee her necklace back. The two ladies shed tears and smiles.

Back at the top floor of the library, Kujo reveals the top front news to Victorique. He tells her that all of her deductive reasoning is all there. Yet, Victorique tells Kujo that her brother is an egomaniac without caring for her credit. Kujo is shocked from the fact. However, Victorique explains that they had different mothers. While Grevil is the son of a Marquis, her mother is a dangerous figure of the government. She tells Kujo that she is imprisoned in the mansion as a captive princess and that she cannot go outside without permission. She yawns some more. Also, she tells him this why she gets bored.

She wants Kujo to head downstairs to find another interesting mystery. Victorique whines that she is bored. Suddenly, she falls on Kujo's chest, and Kujo finds out she has fallen asleep. Kujo still thinks he does not know more about her, but he believes Victorique is his friend. Kujo whispers to Victorique that they will go outside to see the shimmering sea. Victorique tells him that it is a promise much to Kujo's surprise.

Closing Theme

"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine

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Hitoshi Nanba Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED
Kotaro Nakagawa Music


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