The Guide

The Guide is an anime episode of The Legend of Korra that was released on 11/01/2013

Plot Summary

Believing the avatar to be dead, Unalaq travels to the closed portal with his children. Together, they try to open the portal with their waterbending, but they have no success. Meanwhile, Korra finds her old teacher Tenzin to asks for his help to enter the spirit world. After Tenzin is caught up to speed with the recent events, he agrees to help Korra. He takes Korra to meditate at some of the most spiritual places on the planet. Though at each place, they are unable to enter the spirit world. Finally, Tenzin admits that he has never been to the spirit world and has a bad connection to spirits. It is then that Kya notices that Jinora has a strong connection to the spirits and purposes that she could be Korra's guide to the spirit world. Jinora, who had been playing with the spirit animals, then asks her spirit friends to themselves visible.

The spirit animals then lead the group to an ancient airbender meditating ground. Tenzin, who is having trouble accepting his weak spirituality, tries to cleanse the area. His ritual instead summons evil spirits. These spirits don't stay long thanks to Korra's ability to calm evil spirits using her bending. Afterward, Tenzin tries once more to get into the spirit world. Eventually, he concedes and lets his daughter become Korra's guide. With her father by her side, Jinora meditates with Korra and the two enter the spirit world. At republic City, Mako summoned to Varrick's office and is warned not to continue investigating. Mako brushes off the warning. Later, false evidence is placed in Mako's room, incriminating him for the bombing of the cultural center and for stealing Asami's mechs. With this evidence chief Bei Fong is forced to arrest Mako.

Characters & Voice Actors

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