The Green Seat

The Green Seat is an anime episode of Mushi-Shi that was released on 10/22/2005

The Green Seat Episode 1

The Green Seat 緑の座 Midori no Za

Isolated alone in a forest a boy lives with what some might call a mysterious gift or a curse. Ginko goes in search of the boy to see if his secret is really want the rumors say. While there Ginko find another mystery has been isolated in that home even longer. Ginko's priorities change and he tries to put right an accident from long ago.

Music Themes

Opening Theme:

"The Sore Feet Song" by Ally Kerr

Ginko meets Shinra after seeing his ink bird
Ginko meets Shinra after seeing his ink bird

As the episode opens, a woman explains how there is a hidden form of life that humans can not see call the Mushi. The scene transitions to a deep forest as we see the Mushi Master Ginko traveling through it, remarking on the thickness of the area as he makes his way to a remote house. At the house, a young boy named Shinra Ioroi is unwrapping his left hand as he begins to write a letter, scraps of paper with odd drawings all around him. As he writes the letter, the characters begin to shift and come to life as he notes that he expected it to happen. As he crosses out the characters, an ink bird flies away as Shinra tries to catch it. Ginko finds it and catches it in his hand, surprised it turned into ink as Shinra greets him.

Ginko and Shinra explain pleasantries as Shinra states he knows that Ginko has come to research his power and explains it. He says that any time he draws something with his left hand, it will come to life. From umbrellas to cats, anything that he draws takes on a life of his own. When its with his right hand its fine but he recently injured it so he can't write as well. Shinra also shows Ginko pictures off odd life forms he states he can see from time to time. He showed his grandmother, but she dismissed it as a hallucination. Shinra convinced himself that they are not real as Ginko tells him otherwise.

Ginko explains how what he sees are called Mushi, the purest form of life in the world that we can not see. Shinra eventually falls asleep as Ginko wanders through the house, a Mushi extracting pin in his hand as he comes across the spirit of a young girl in the house. Ginko knew she'd be there as he uses the smoke from his cigarettes to ensnare her. He says he know who she is as she drops half of a green ceremonial wine glass. Genko examines it as he says he is here to help her, revealing her to be the spirit of Shinra's grandmother, Renzu Ioroi.

As Shinra wakes up the next morning, Ginko informs him of what has happened. His grandmother was invited by the Mushi spirits years ago to attend a ceremony where the guest receives a green wine glass and is allowed to drink, becoming a spirit themselves. However, Renzu's ceremony was interrupted by something and the wine glass was cracked. It is up to Shinra to use his powers to create the other half of the glass to make it whole. Ginko spies on Shinra using his ability to recreate the glass even though he has no idea what it looks like. The glass cracks as Ginko gets Renzu to give him the other half, combining the two to make it whole again as it fills with a sacred glowing wine.

Renzu ia the guest at the Mushi ceremony
Renzu ia the guest at the Mushi ceremony

Renzu appears to Shinra as she finishes the drink. Ginko hands it to Shinra, requesting that he drink too. Shinra does so and sees how Renzu was invited to the ceremony, drawn in a trance as the spirits bade her to drink the essence of life from the cup. They tell her that her grandson will bring great happiness to the world and she will be charged to look over him. However, before she finished, a crow scares her as she drops the glass. Before she can go, her body is divided into two: her younger self in the spirit world and her body in the real world. She watched Shinra grow up as Shinra begins to cry for all the memories of Renzu he sees, the wine overflowing over the edges of the cup.

The next day, Ginko readies to leave as he notices the ground his covered in moss. Renzu explains that it is because of the wine that spilled that the moss grew. Ginko comments that Shinra has been lonely for a while won't be for much longer now that Renzu is with him. She agrees as he leaves, Shinra waking up and lamenting about Ginko leaving. As Ginko leaves, he remarks how the rumors of the child with the God hand became less and less and disappeared altogether.

Ending Theme:

"Midori no Za (On Air Ver.)" by Masuda Toshio

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Mike McFarland ADR Director (English) English Voice Actor
Yuki Urushibara Original Concept A japanese manga artist who is best known for the series Mushishi.
Yoshihiko Umakoshi Character Artist/Designer Animation Director
Hiroshi Nagahama Director Series Composition, Storyboard, Episode Director
Takeshi Waki Art Director
Kinuko Kuwabata Writer
Toshio Masuda Music Toshio Masuda is a Japanese composer who has done music for several Japanese television shows and anime series. Not to be confused with the film director of the same name.


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