The Great Writer of the Mirage Planet

The Great Writer of the Mirage Planet is an anime episode of Galaxy Express 999 that was released on 03/29/1979

Plot Summary

"The inside of a man's heart is more vast than even space itself and it is something which others can never fully understand. But Tetsuro trusts in Maetel's hear and travels the galaxy, not knowing the Galaxy Express 999's final destination." - Narrator

A rock nearly hits Tetsuro
A rock nearly hits Tetsuro
As the GE999 approaches Mirage, the next stop on its route, Tetsuro asks Maetel about the planet. Maetel tells him that it is very similar to Earth and can sustain life but no humans live there. Tetsuro is curious about this but his train of thought is interrupted when a rock comes flying through the window, surprising everyone since the planet was allegedly devoid of humans. After landing, Maetel and Tetsuro decide to investigate the occurrence.
Tetsuro and Maetel traveling to Shosetsu's house
Tetsuro and Maetel traveling to Shosetsu's house
While exploring the planet they approach a spherical space ship (similar to ones seen in the Dragon Ball franchise) but fall into a trap located near it. A robotic device calls out to them and lowers a ladder down after identifying them as humans rather than food. After exiting the trap, the two head into the spaceship and meet a man with his back to them named Shosetsu Yoi, who came to the isolated planet after many trials and tribulations seeking solitude. Shosetsu tells the two of them that he plans to write the universe's longest novel as well as challenging the limits of how long a man's hair can grow. As he turns to face his guests, he is rendered speechless by Maetel's beauty and struggles to string together anything more than grunts and guttural noises. Tetsuro tries to get his attention but suddenly the lights go out and Tetsuro awakens in the middle of a rocky desert.
Shosetsu kidnaps Maetel
Shosetsu kidnaps Maetel
With Maetel nowhere to be found, Tetsuro begins to search his surroundings and spots a vehicle fleeing the area with Shosetsu and an unconscious Maetel inside. Tetsuro tries to chase down the vehicle but is unable to. As he struggles to continue chasing them, he hears the whistle of the GE999 and looks up to see it traveling off into space. Having missed the train, Tetsuro heads back Shosetsu's home and resigns himself to the fate of living there isolated.
Shosetsu and Tetsuro stuck in a standoff
Shosetsu and Tetsuro stuck in a standoff
Meanwhile, Maetel wakes up aboard the GE999 to see Shosetsu oggling her. The Conductor is alerted that something is awry with the passengers and after an inspection, he discovers what happened and turns the GE999 around and return to Mirage. Maetel returns with Shosetsu to Tetsuro's location but before the two can leave, Shosetsu pulls a gun out saying that if he can't have Maetel then he'll kill her and himself. There is a stand off between him and Tetsuro, but Maetel asks Tetsuro to leave, which he reluctantly agrees to. Having left, Maetel offers to show him her body and if he still desires her, she will let him shoot her. She opens up her coat (with her back to the camera) and Shosetsu seems horrified and allows her to leave. With the issue peacefully resolved, she and Tetsuro board the GE999 and continue on their journey to Andromeda.

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