The Gray Wolves Summon Their Brethren

The Gray Wolves Summon Their Brethren is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 02/11/2011

Plot Summary

The Gray Wolves Summon Their Brethren -"Haiiro no Ōkami wa Dōhō o Yobi Yoseru" ( 灰色の狼(おおかみ)は同胞を呼びよせる)

Kujo and Avril witness a red haired magician, a nun who shows them goods, and a robbery. Back at the library, Kujo asks Victorique what had happened; Grevil pops in and mistakes Victorique for her mother due to the turban.

The following day, Kujo reveals an article that wants gray wolves to join their solstice festival. After reading together, Kujo flicks Victorique which Victorique yells at Kujo to leave. At night, Kujo finds Victorique leaving to Horowitz by herself. He accompanies her. Over there, Kujo learns about Victorique's story about her framed mother and that she will restore her mother's honor.

Detailed Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa

Red Haired Magician
Red Haired Magician

Avril says she heard of a gray wolf in the library's botanical garden. When Kujo asks about the golden fairy, Avril calls that story is old. She states that the wolf likes glittery things while Kujo feels that this wolf likes sweet things. Kujo notices that Avril has more friends than him and got used to the academy. Avril points to a crowd, and the two find a red-haired magician.

The man is doing a magic trick and is playing with the bird. He takes Kujo's book and puts in his hat. The man places a white turban on Kujo. Before leaving, the man stares at Kujo for a moment.

A nun calls Avril and Kujo to look at her items. She reveals a plate and a music box. When Avril plays with it, pigeons come out. Suddenly, the nun disappears and the plate disappear as well. At the library, Kujo finds Victorique has made a mess. While he cleans, she notices the turban that Kujo brought. He tells her that a strange theft occurred at the market.

Victorique's Cordelia looks
Victorique's Cordelia looks

After Kujo explains what had happened, Victorique gets bored by his story. Grevil appears and notices Victorique is wearing a turban. He gasps and calls her Cordelia Gallo. He asks why she is here, and Victorique tells him he is wrong. Victorique informs Kujo that the nun might be the thief because she sits with her legs open. It may be because she is sitting on a box of pigeons. While everyone is distracted, she hides the plate underneath the box.

Victorique: Kujo, it hurts
Victorique: Kujo, it hurts

On the following day, Kujo learns that Grevil did not find the thief and an article that calls for descendants of the Gray Wolves. They welcome them with the Soltice Festival. Back at the library, Kujo reveals the article to Victorique who looks interested in it. Suddenly, Victorique trips over Kujo. After suffering the blow, she forces Kujo to eat the candy on the floor for punishment. While she reads, Kujo flicks Victorique's forehead. Victorique starts to cry and back away from Kujo. Kujo tries to apologize to her and tell her that he flick her lightly.

Victorique's cavities
Victorique's cavities

When Kujo thinks Victorique only cares about books, he tells her that he will not see her again. Before leaving, he calls her a crybaby. In his room, Kujo does his homework, and he notices someone moving outside. Outside, he finds Victorique trying to leave the academy. Kujo notices Victorique has a cavity since she cannot speak. When he opens her luggage, he finds a lot of things such as a cot, a tea set, a vase, and more. On a train to Horowitz, a nun (Mildred) from the market asks Kujo and Victorique to sit with them.

Kujo asks Mildred about the missing plate, and Mildred replies that she does not know. Later, an old man talks about how the dead bird repels gray wolves who are actually human. In his statement about the description of the gray wolves, it fits Victorique's physical appearances. The nun asks the old man for a phone.

Victorique's necklace
Victorique's necklace

Victorique stubbornly lifts her luggage up the stairs without Kujo's help. When Kujo hears a wolf howl, he finds Victorique sleep walking. She talks about squirrels, and when Kujo asks her if she's awake and tells her that she is speaking to him, she snaps and blushes. Immediately, Victorique heads inside and throws pillows at him. Kujo stops her when he tells her that he is her only friend. Finally, Victorique informs him that she is here to prove someone's innocence. She reveals a picture of her mother, Cordelia Gallo. She explains that her mother is a beautiful dancer from the village of the Gray Wolves. When the village and the Marquis finds out she committed a crime, they banished her from the village. The Marquis imprisoned Victorique and regrets having her bear his child.

After the story, Victorique notices Kujo and laughs a bit. She flicks his forehead. On a carriage ride, the nun seems to glance at Victorique who stares at the scenery. They are in front of the castle. The soldiers see that Victorique is the splitting image of Cordelia. An old man stops them and tells them that they should welcome her to the summer solstice festival.

Closing Theme

"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hitoshi Nanba Director
Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Tokuyuki Matsutake Key Animator Key Animator for a massive number of series, including many by Madhouse and Studio DEEN.
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED
Kotaro Nakagawa Music
Mari Okada Producer


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