The Gospel of Flame

The Gospel of Flame is an anime episode of The Qwaser of Stigmata that was released on 05/02/2010

Plot Summary

The Qwaser of Gold finally appears in Tomo's body as the blonde man hands her a golden gauntlet to use. Ootori apparently thought he could somehow kill the Qwaser before he took over her body, but didn't make it in time. Mafuyu tries to snap Tomo out of it, but she just handcuffs her with golden bonds instead. Tomo and the blonde gentlemen both talk about how the Adepts that Sasha fought (and the same ones Ootori killed effortlessly) were just sacrifices in order to make the Qwaser of Gold stronger while also somehow bringing the power of the Theotokos of Tsaritsyn closer to him.

Back outside, Sasha is about to cut down Teresa as she stands in front of Elizabeth, but backs down at the last second. Teresa cries and says she was willing to sacrifice herself along with Elizabeth so he could get stronger, but Sasha is not that cruel of a person. Instead, Sasha takes Teresa's blessing and heads into the church where he faces off against Ootori in a dramatic battle. Sasha has trouble defeating him at first, as Ootori dodges all of his attacks and uses his strings of sodium to make several small cuts across Sasha's body. But then Sasha manipulates the iron in his blood to form a special sword and cuts through Ootori. Elizabeth gets angry at him, but Ootori grabs her at the last second and begs her not to hold a grudge against him before he is buried by rubble.

Tomo as the Qwaser of Gold mocks Ootori, saying he was just a big lolicon for Elizabeth as Sasha finally sees her as the Qwaser of Gold he's been searching for. While she molests Mafuyu in front of him, the Imperial Princess Egg begins to glow, and Tomo is about to get the Blade of Maria imprinted on herself. However, she is interrupted when Katja sucks out lots of Hana's soma on a faraway rooftop and shapes her copper puppet into a giant railgun that she uses to fire copper coins into the church with incredible speed.

One of the shots knocks the egg off of its pedestal and causes it to dissipate into thin air, interrupting the ceremony as Mafuyu breaks free with Elizabeth's help and begs Tomo to snap out of it. Tomo appears to fight off the Qwaser of Gold's influence, but the blonde man rips her away, angry that the ceremony has been interrupted, and the two of them disappear from the church.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hiroyuki Yoshino (screenwriter) Original Concept The creator of Seikon no Qwaser who is also a screenwriter for Sunrise Studio.


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