The Golden Thread Cuts Through A Passing Moment

The Golden Thread Cuts Through A Passing Moment is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 01/28/2011

Plot Summary

The Golden Thread Cuts Through a Passing Moment -"Konjiki no Ito wa Tsuka no Ma o Kirisaku" (金色(こんじき)の糸はつかのまを切り裂く)

Kujo Kazuya gets into another mystery as he witnesses a biker's decapitation; he meets a new girl named Avril who Kujo find suspicious.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa

Kujo gets arrested by Grevil, and at the library, he begs Victorique to help him. She wants Kujo to tell her the entire story when he returns from a shopping trip.

In the flashback, he talks about the women being slave drivers in this country like Sophi and Victorique. When he thinks about the girl of his dream having blonde hair, he recalls Victorique having blonde hair too.

Suddenly, he sees a biker get decapitated by a thin length of razor wire while still on the bike. When reporting it to the police, Grevil immediately arrests him, so he pleads with Victorique to prove his innocence. Grevil tells Kujo that it is impossible for a rider to have his head come off. Therefore, the rider is murdered before and that Kujo is the only one present.

Victorique points out that the wire around the tree decapitated the biker. Also, she tells Grevil to check for fingerprints since the blood on the wire means that someone tried to remove it but got a cut on their hands. After Grevil leaves, she explains to Kujo that it was probably a blonde girl who had done it as Kujo was daydreaming about one at the time of the murder. Victorique insults Kujo for lusting in his day dream much to Kujo's embarrassment. She tells Kujo that he unconsciously saw the blonde girl and mistakes it for a day dream.

Victorique gets bored again and tells Kujo to bring more challenging cases. When Kujo thinks Victorique is angry that he compared her to the girl in his imagination, Victorique tells Kujo to get out. Kujo thanks Victorique and thinks she is too prideful.

At school, Kujo reads the newspaper and is glad at the fact that he is innocent because the police catches the girl who matches the description. In class, Kujo's classmates gossip about Kujo being the Dark Reaper who comes in the spring and that he visits the Golden Fairy of the library.

A new classmate has transferred into Kujo's class, Avril Bradley. The teacher tells Avril to sit next to Kujo, and she winks to Kujo to make friends with her. As Avril drops her backpack, he notices her fingers have a bandage covering it. Kujo begins to doubt himself if the case is really solved. Later, Avril gets ask by her classmates who want to give her a tour of the school. Yet, Avril asks Kujo to give her a tour due to his rumors about him.

Outside of class, Avril asks Kujo about the Curse of the 13th step. She scares Kujo but calls the story, nonsense. Avril explains that she wants to be an adventurer like her grandpa. While Avril and Kujo walk, Kujo recalls about Victorique's story. He thinks he should make up with her. Suddenly, Avril gets close to him and thinks Kujo is thinking about a girl. Kujo blushes when she asks him. She grabs Kujo, and Kujo asks her about her hand.

The teacher finds Kujo and Avril walking together. She hits Kujo several times on the back. Later, Kujo assists two men to open a locked gate. Suddenly, a corpse falls out. As it lands on the ground, its skull comes off. The teacher faints. Avril, who is not shocked, heads inside to take the book. Grevil is on the scene investigating it.

At the library, Victorique gazes on colored marbles and takes out a kaminari-okoshi. She bites the food with difficulty. Kujo tells her that Avril acts strange. Even though the case is solved, Victorique thinks the man is locked inside and died. Grevil appears and explains that the corpse is Maxim, a graduate of the academy. He states that blackmail and thievery followed him everywhere and that e disappeared eight years ago. Also, in that time period, a student Millie Marl got sick. Also, a new lock is created for the gate. Grevil asks Kujo all sorts of questions such as the meaning of the boutique on the corpse.

Victorique asks Grevil what type of flowers which he states that they are primrose. She tells Grevil and Kujo to head down there to find a missing clue such as a missing corpse. In fact, a corpse is missing. On the way to the library, Kujo sees a girl. Back at the library, Victorique states that Millie Marl murdered Maxim. Grevil is confused because Millie Marl is already dead. Victorique explains that girls need an accompanying knight to the afterlife.

She reconstructs the stories through the clues. Millie Marl drugs Maxim with a soporific and dresses him in a knight uniform. She enters the crypt via stolen key, and she exchange the old corpse with Maxim. She then dies (suicide). Grevil walks away after finishing his questions with the witness (Kujo). Before Grevil exits through the elevator, Victorique informs him about the motives. Primrose means that a woman's feelings are strong and that she and the man are to be together for eternity. When Kujo asks her about Avril's book, she tells him that her greatest enemy is boredom and the second one is commotion. She tells Kujo that he is her second greatest enemy.

Kujo wants to know the truth despite hoping Avril is innocent. Victorique rushes downstair to find the book. Kujo notices Victorique sparkles like a golden fairy. Meanwhile, Avril bites on a bandage.

Closing Theme

"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine

Points of Interests

  • Victorique's greatest enemy is boredom while the second greatest is commotion.

Pieces of the clue

  • Knight's garb
  • Stolen Key
  • Missing Corpse

Grevil's nicknames for Victorique and Kujo

  • Victorique is the gray wolf.
  • Kujo is the baby squirrel.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Hitoshi Nanba Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED
Kotaro Nakagawa Music


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