The God is Targeted

The God is Targeted is an anime episode of Kamisama Kiss that was released on 10/09/2012

Nanami goes back to school after becoming the land god. However, Tomoe refuses to let her go unless she wears a ridiculus hat that will cover up her god mark. She agrees thinking it isn't that bad until Isobe begins to make fun of her and the new transfer student, rock star Kurama the fallen angel, comments on her hat! Feeling stupid she disposes of the hat only to regret it when she finds out that Kurama isn't at all a "fallen angel" but a yokai instead! He tries to kill her and take her god mark but Tomoe shows up in the nick of time and turns him into an ostrich. In the end they make a deal that if Tomoe turns him back he will no longer hunt Nanami.

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