The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is an anime movie in the The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Franchise
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Makoto Konno is having her worst day ever: she overslept and was late for school, failed a pop quiz, ruined a recipe in cooking class, and to top it off got thrown in front of a moving train. Or did she? It seems that last part never happened, because Makoto was able to leap backward in time and avoid the catastrophe. Now, her newly found ability has given her the chance to "fix" the past to her liking, and she takes full advantage of it at every turn. Yet, time is already starting to run out for Makoto, and what seemed like a lucky gift is now adversely affecting the lives of the people around her. It may even cause her to lose someone important. Suddenly, Makoto is faced with the realization that time waits for no one.


Makoto - is our main character hoer them the fact that she acts like the whole world revolves around her she helps when when someone is in danger. Especially when the problem is her fault. She has dark, short hair her body is thin and strong but very light. In the movie we usually see her in a ordinary white shirt, blue skirt uniform. The thing that makes Makoto our main character is the fact that she gets the power to leap through time. At first she only uses these powers for her self but slowly her personality changes and her motives are the most honest thing of all "love".

Chiaki - is a boy that friends of Makoto's. He is taller, had orange hair and is a genius in science. Mostly because of the fact that he is from the future. Chiaki comes from the distant future too see a painting he saw a long time ago. But when he met Makoto and Kouske he didn't want to go back to the future. He wanted to stay with them and go to school and have a normal life but it wasn't meant to be. Chiaki's instrument that gave him the ability to go through time falls into the hands of Makoto so he now had a limited window to go home. But what he has another secret, he is in love with Makoto. The very first time Makoto used he powers on a real situation was when Chaiki asked her out but Makoto kept avoiding him. Chaiki did he brave thing and saved all the lives Makoto put in danger and decided to leave this time. But before he left he was honest about his feelings towards Makoto.

Kousuke - is friends with both Makoto and Chaiki. He is the smartest of the group, he always studies and is always on time. He is also very fun and brave. He would do anything for a damsel in distress. He is tall, muscular and wears glasses. But he's just a real sweetheart.



01. Natsuzora ~Opening Theme~

02. Sketch

03. Aria (Goldberg Hensoukyoku Yori)

04. Karakuri Tokei ~ Time Leap

05. Shoujo no Fuan

06. Sketch (Wrong Version)

07. Daylife

08. Daiichi Hensoukyoku (Goldberg Hensoukyoku Yori)

09. Mirai no Kioku

10. Seijaku

11. Kawara nai Mono (Strings Version)

12. Natsuzora ~Ending Theme~

13. Time Leap (Wrong Version)

14. Natsuzora (Wrong Version)

15. Garnet (Yokokuhen Short Version)

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Mamoru Hosoda Director A Japanese animator and director. He has worked as a staff director at Madhouse studio since 2005.
Yoshiyuki Sadamoto Character Artist/Designer
Ryousuke Sawa Key Animator Ryousuke Sawa known in the anime industry as Ryo-timo or Ryochimo was discovered by Osamu Kobayashi, due to his animated GIF movies.
Tokuyuki Matsutake Key Animator Key Animator for a massive number of series, including many by Madhouse and Studio DEEN.
Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru Key Animator Character Designer for various animes.

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General Information Edit
Name: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Release Date: Nov. 18, 2008
Name: 時かける少女
Romaji: Toki wo Kakeru Shojo
Release Date: July 15, 2006
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 98 (mins)
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Aliases Tokikake
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