The Ghost

The Ghost is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 11/19/2005

The Ghost Episode 4

As Team Satomi finally gets its sponsorship deal, the good news doesn't last long since Team Velhstein is their next opponent. Takeshi gets the chance to see the kind of man Cunningham truly is as race day approaches. With confidence on their minds, something is bothering Amy which is not helping her concentration before race day.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

Sir Hamgra drills his team, running a tight ship on Velhstein
Sir Hamgra drills his team, running a tight ship on Velhstein

Amy flashes back to moments throughout her childhood as it is revealed that her parents were not around a lot when she was growing up. They also show that Amy is a child prodigy and attended college at a very early age. As she wakes up, she reluctantly faces the day as she gets a call from her mother apologizing for not being home for dinner that night. Her father also sends similar condolences which will leave Amy alone with Luca that night. She claims she doesn't mind as she head to the head quarters to practice before the next race. As she heads to practice, it is shown that the big sponsorship deal Team Satomi got was for a cat food brand staring Luca. Meanwhile, across town, Sir Hamgra is briefing Team Velhstein before the next race. He claims that Cunningham, Dew, and Jan Michael are the best he has ever trained and orders them to crush Satomi on the track the next day.

Amy and Luca try to practice with Luca attempting to cheer Amy up, but in the end, Amy crashes out on her practice simulator. Mark wonders what is up as both Amy and Luca seem off today. Amy tries to change the subject by asking where Takeshi is as Mark fills her in that Takeshi likes to spend time on the track even if there is no race that day. As Takeshi walks around the race track, taking in the peacefulness of it as Cunningham appears before him. He introduces himself as the two talk about their upcoming race. Cunningham predicts that Satomi won't finish lap three and points out that its not gloating or being over confident, its fact. He backs it up by stating that he is the IG-1's MVP three years in a row as he identifies Takeshi as a challenge. The two spar a bit before Cunningham reveals that Takeshi is the man he thought he was and leaves.

Takeshi thinks there is something off with his game as he spars with River and beats him hard and easily. River complains about Takeshi's attitude as he attempts to hit on Jesse and fails. Amy still seems down though as Takeshi and Liz try to probe her on whats wrong but she leaves before she can say anything. Jesse follows her to the roof as Amy confides in her that even though she is on the team and is surrounded by people, she still feels alone. Michiru remembers why today is important and rushes to prepare something as Andrei conducts the team meeting. He notes that Velhstein is near impossible to beat and didn't win with blind luck. He tells the group that their main focus on race day is victory. Nothing else matters except winning.

The team give Amy the best birthday she's ever had
The team give Amy the best birthday she's ever had

As the day draws to a close, Amy tries to get the others to join her for the evening but everyone admits they have plans. As she prepares to go home, Amy hears Luca and chases him. Walking into a dark room, the team surprises her with a birthday party as she seems overjoyed that they went out of their way to plan a party for her. This is shown the next day since Amy wakes up refreshed and happy, stating she is still pleased with last night. The party proved to be beneficial seeing that both her parents forgot it was her birthday.

The race draws near as Team Satomi heads to get ready for the race. They pass Velhstein on the way to the locker rooms, Takeshi saying hello to Cunningham who rebuffs him. Liz and Amy scold him as Jan and Dew wonder why Takeshi seemed to be so chummy with Cunningham. He points out that he's not friends with Takeshi and hasn't seen him since the opening ceremony. Both teams head for the track and start the race as Benjamin Bright announces the anticipation in the air for this race. During lap one, Velhstein take an early lead as the team remembers Andrei's words to simply win. Takeshi declares that if they win that he will take Amy and Liz out to a fancy restaurant, saying that having a goal worth fighting for makes one work harder. As lap two starts, Jan and Dew think the race will be easy as Cunningham scolds them. He knows from their meeting the other day that Takeshi has what it takes to win. Takeshi guns it for Cunningham as the two prepare to battle it out on the track.

Closing Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

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