The Ghost of El Dorado

The Ghost of El Dorado is an anime episode of Cobra the Animation that was released on 01/23/2010

During his ultimate fight, Cobra is getting pounded after being secretly injected with a paralytic, but he finally manages to recover his memories and destroy his enemy along with the man who fixed the fight. With his new girl in tow, he zips back to the control center to recover Secret who is still under the effects of the gravity trap.

After rescuing Secret, Cobra tries to destroy the control center, but the gravity trap even bends the arc of his Psychogun so that it won't reach. There is only one option left, to go down to the computer core and try shutting the engine off that way. As the three of them make their way down, they discover the true reason that Galon has been set on a crash course with the sun.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keizo Shimizu Director
Yoshihiro Ike Music Music composer


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