The Garden of Amahara

The Garden of Amahara is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 05/08/2011


Yukio takes Rin to the only Exorcist shop, the Amahara Garden, to stock up on supplies. There, Rin meets a young gardener, Shiemi, who can't use her legs to walk. It was later discovered that there was a demon dwelling in the garden that caused her affliction. To save her, Rin and Yukio must confront and defeat the demon.

Plot Summary

Plot Summary

Rin Okumura is eager
Rin Okumura is eager

Shiemi listens to Grandma's words about the Amahara garden, God's garden that contains all the world's flowers and plants. Grandma tells Shiemi to look for the garden since she wants Shiemi to be free and live the life to fullest. Grandma tells Shiemi that she cannot leave her precious garden. At Rin's dorm, he is reading manga and crying. Yukio takes away the manga since Rin is wetting it. Rin thinks Yukio treats him like a moron, and he says that he is not the desk type. Despite Rin's rant, Yukio tells him that he needs to study. As Yukio heads off to complete a request, Rin wants to go. Even though Yukio tells Rin that he cannot go with him due to being a page, Rin tells him that he is going to "observe." Interesting, Yukio allows Rin to tag along as long he promises to "observe." Yukio reveals a supply key that only a few qualified exorcists are given. After Yukio opens the door, it opens to a high bridge. Yukio explains that Mephisto sets up barriers and labyrinths around the school to prevent demons from entering.

Shiemi gardening
Shiemi gardening

As Yukio and Rin walk to the supply room, Yukio tells Rin to stay put since certain exorcists are permitted in the supply room. Yukio meets Shiemi's mother while Rin goes to look at the garden. As Rin's eyes lay on Shiemi, he touches to door which shocks him and fall. Shiemi, who sees him, calls him a demon and tries to crawl away. Rin walks and notices something wrong with Shiemi's legs. (Shiemi's legs has deep, bulging veins). Back at the supply room, Shiemi's mother explains that there is something wrong with Shiemi's legs which doctors cannot explain. Yukio thinks it could be demon-related. At the garden, Rin helps Shiemi dig a deep hole where Shiemi pours fertilizer (cow manure). Shiemi offers her hand to Rin for a handshake. As she introduces herself, Rin realizes her hand has manure on it. Shiemi explains that her grandmother died last winter, and she thinks her grandma went off to the Garden of Amahara. Shiemi explains that the garden may be a fairy tale, but she wants to visit it. With her words touching his heart, Rin smiles.

Shiemi's grandma
Shiemi's grandma

Yukio yells at Rin for leaving; Shiemi calls Yukio, Yuki chan. Yukio explains to Shiemi that Rin is his older brother "formally." Once Shiemi's mother have Yukio look at Shiemi's leg, Yukio suspects it is caused by a "root." A root is a low level demon that reach Shiemi's soul through this soil. Yukio asks when did Shiemi talk to this demon. Shiemi's mother wants Shiemi to get out of the garden, so she can live. Shiemi protests and tells her mom that she hates her. Suddenly, Shiemi collapses. In Shiemi's flashback, she remembers her grandma instructing her to plant flowers. When Grandma asks Shiemi if she loves gardening, she replies that she will help her grandma tend to the garden forever. Yukio asks Shiemi's mother more info about the situation. He learns that the grandmother has not allowed Shiemi to go to school, and that the mother is busy with the shop. Back to Shiemi's flashback, she wants to leave the garden to visit the Garden of Amahara. Despite that grandma needs help with the grapes, she tells Shiemi to look for the Garden of Amahara nearby since they have little money. On the following day, Shiemi finds her grandma dead. She feels regrets about abandoning her grandma. Out of nowhere, Shiemi hears a voice from a "fairy" which is a purple flower. She promise the flower to protect the garden forever.

Root Demon catches Shiemi
Root Demon catches Shiemi

Shiemi wakes up to water the flowers. Rin finds and tells her that her mother is worried about her. He destroys the flower pots to shake Shiemi's resolve. Shiemi recalls seeing grandma's dead body under the grape vine rack. Once Rin realizes Shiemi is lonely like him, he grabs her by her collar and tells her that grandma wants her to live life to the fullest by leaving the garden. Shiemi cries and says she cannot move due to her legs. Yet, Rin tells her he will chop off the root. Suddenly, Yukio barges in Rin and Shiemi's "moment." (He says it) Rin let goes of Shiemi, and Yukio explains that he will exorcise the demon. The demon gets angry when Shiemi breaks her promise, and it sprouts from her legs. Yukio asks Rin for help since the demon is using Shiemi as a hostage. Rin asks Yukio to repeat that. He reveals his sword and blue flames, and Rin starts to attack the flower. Yet, Rin cannot cut it since the flower keeps moving Shiemi. Yukio tells the demon that he will shoot Shiemi. He shoots Shiemi which the flower tosses her out. Rin finishes off the demon. Rin hits Shiemi to go apologize to her mother. Shiemi and her mom hug each other until they are crying. Yukio explains that he uses a nutrition supplement as a trick. Rin feels that Shiemi saves him instead of him saving Shiemi.

Shiemi loves Yuki chan!
Shiemi loves Yuki chan!

At the end of the credits, Shiemi enters Rin's class to become an Exorcist. She thanks Rin for his help, yet she truly wants to see Yukio as a teacher.


  • Japanese Name: "Amahara no Niwa" (天空の庭)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 3 (Volume 1)
  • Opening Theme: "Core Pride" by Uverworld
  • Ending Theme: "Take Off" by 2PM

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Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Takashi Kojima Key Animator Animator
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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