The Fujioka Household's Daily Life

The Fujioka Household's Daily Life is an anime episode of Ouran High School Host Club that was released on 06/06/2006
Tamaki fantasizes about Haruhi leading a dismal and impoverished life and determines that he should check out her domicile. He conscripts Kyouya to help him, only to find that Kyouya has invited the entire club along with them. At first they think Haruhi's home isn't all that small...then they realize that she doesn't have the entire apartment building to herself, just the single apartment.

About that time, Haruhi returns home and feels obligated to invite her clubmates in. Unfortunately, their attempts to accomadate that Haruhi's home-- which is a fairly normal, average Japanese apartment --isn't what they're used to only rub her the wrong way.

Everyone gets ready to go on a shopping trip to pick out some dinner ingredients, but Tamaki stays behind long enough to talk to Haruhi about her mother, who died when she was very young. True to form, Tamaki then trips and falls-- right on top of Haruhi, just in time for Haruhi's drag queen father Ranka to return home.

It is then revealed that Ranka is actually quite familiar with Kyouya, who exchanges e-mails with Ranka to acquire photos and information on Haruhi while passing on details of the club's activities to her dad. The rest of the club introduces themselves to Ranka, and eventually head home...but not before Ranka sizes each of them up.

Characters & Voice Actors

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