The Friends' Whereabouts; The Science of Weather and the Mechanical Island

The Friends' Whereabouts; The Science of Weather and the Mechanical Island is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 09/20/2009

Lost Friends Mini Arc (Part 1)

The Friends' Whereabouts; The Science of Weather and the Mechanical Island - 仲間達の行方 天候の科学とからくり島 (Nakama-tachi no Yukue - Tenkō no Kagaku to Karakurishima)

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Has Luffy heads out to save his brother Ace. Nami finds herself on an island where they study the weather, and Franky is on a Future Island that has no cola.
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Opening Theme-

"Share the World!" by TVXQ

Episode Synopsis

Luffy awakens from a nightmare of Bartholomew Kuma separating his crew across much of the world. Boa Hancock is there. He was screaming. She wonders what she can do to cheer him up.

She has a fantasy of trying to reassure Luffy. In the fantasy he suddenly becomes a pretty boy who accepts her feelings and they kiss.

Next are events from a day ago when Nami lands on and island the same way Luffy landed on Amazon Lily.

An old man looks out his door after hearing a large crash outside his door. he finds Nami in a paw-shaped crater. He takes her in and puts her in bed.

Nami wakes up in this strange house and panics when the old man pops up in front of her. She knocks him out with her Clima-Tact baton.

Nami gets up to run, but stumbles. She's still weakened. The old man keeps moving in to try and help Nami, but she throws objects at him to keep him at bay.

Slowly, Nami starts to calm down, but become more upset as she starts to remember what has happened. Now that she's calmed down. The old man prepares some food for her. He tells her that she's been sleeping for two days since her arrival.

To try and cheer Nami up. He pulls out what he calls Wind Knots. It's a length of ropes with three knots. Pull one to make a light breeze. pull two to make a strong wind, and the third creates a wind so strong it knocks Nami off her seat.

That only serves to cause her to bet angry and knock the old man in the head again.

Nami tries to leave, but there is an incredibly powerful storm outside. It's as strong as a hurricane and falls in the mud. She can tells a huge cyclone is on the way. She goes back into the old man's home. He suggest she go have a shower.

She walks into the shower room and it's filled with conveniently floating clouds. She turns on the water, but what comes out is a rain cloud with hot water.

The old man tells her if she pushes the wheel that hot air will come out.

Later they are having tea, but Nami can't understand how this man can be so calm when the weather is getting incredibly violent outside.

He says it's about time for something I leaves to watch outside. A see-through field of energy surrounds the old man as he walks through the storm easily.

Nami rummages through the house and finds the Wind Knots. Nami goes into the story and has attached the Wind Knots rope to her Clima-Tact. She uses a Cyclone Burst attack with the Wind Knots. It's powerful enough to completely disperse the powerful storm. Soon the skies are cleared.

The old man approaches Nami as she' is laying in the grass. She showns him how she can use the Wind Knots. He's impressed she learned that after only seeing it once. She thanks him, but says she needs to go. Nami get's her first good look at the island she's on. There is no shore line.

the old man tells Nami that his is a small Sky Island calls Weatheria. Here they do scientific studies of the weather. they were wanting to study the cyclone, but it disappeared.

On a winter island in the Grand Line. An older man, a boy named Kitton, and a dog named Taroimo find a large beast. The dog fires missiles from it's mouth. They realize they fired on a man. When the boy looks closer it's Franky. He's shocked to see that Franky was unharmed.

The old man tries to offer Franky a fur to keep him warm. He rejects the offer saying it wouldn't be fitting for a pervert.

Franky starts a dance and they join in. Despite all that. He's still extremely cold. he asks where he is and they tell him he is on Mechanical Island the Future Land Baldimore.

Has Franky stands still he quickly freezes and falls over. Kitton and the old man drag him to a hospital.

The doctors realize he's a cyborg powered by cola, but they don't have any. They begin to operate, and Kitton waits outside.

Franky walks out, but he's different. he looks more like some kind of refined gentleman, but still not wearing pants. The doctors had to replace Franky's cola power with darjeeling tea.

Kitton wanted Franky to be more fun the way he originally was.

Elsewhere on the island, a boarded up building is covered in snow. When it blows away it reveals the name "Vegapunk".

Points of Interest

  • While these events did happen in the manga. The events with the Straw Hat Pirates was not shown in as fine a detail.
  • During the scene of Luffy's nightmare. The treasure mark on his left arm is missing. he has been wearing it ever since they left Thriller Bark.
  • When Franky sneezes in this episode. He says his own name.

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NamiCyclone Burst

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