The Friends' Whereabouts! Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations!

The Friends' Whereabouts! Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations! is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 10/04/2009

Lost Friends Mini Arc (Part 1)

The Friends' Whereabouts! Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations! - 仲間達の行方 島をつなぐ橋と食人植物 (Nakama-tachi no Yukue - Shima o Tsunagu Hashi to Shokunin Shokubutsu)

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Luffy is coming ever closer to Impel Down on his journey to save his brother. Robin finds herself trapped in a land where slaves are forced to build and endless bridge, and Usopp struggles to survive on an islands that seems out to get him.
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Opening Theme-

"Share the World!" by TVXQ

Episode Synopsis

On the Marine ship that is transporting Boa Hancock and Luffy as a stow away. She is forced to use her powers again on peeping toms. Hancock brings the food in, but Luffy is looking out the window asking if they have reached Ace yet. Luffy notices the food and changes moods immediately.

Hancock asks to know about Luffy's friends. Luffy casually names off his crew, and Hancock becomes jealous when she hears Robin and Nami.

She imagines Luffy rejecting her for them.

A few days ago, A small girl is walking in the snow. She finds a paw print shape in the snow. In the middle of the crater if Robin.

She wakes up and the girl asks if she is alright. She's unsure, but asks where she is. The little girl says she is in Tequila Wolf in the East Blue. The girl offers to take Robin to her home.

Elsewhere in this land, a whip is cracked and armed men are ordering others around. Robin and the child sneak through the large camps. They enter a building filled with women in work clothes. They don't like the looks of Robin and think she'll just mean trouble. Robin is ready to leave to keep from causing trouble, but the girl clasps her hand and says she will care for Robin.

Most seem alright, but one woman wants to turn Robin in.

In the girl's room, she shares some food with Robin. She says that Robin smalls nice, but she doesn't use perfume. the girl wanders if that's what the outside world smells like. She goes on to say that she's never known anything other then this land.

The girl's name is Soran. She asks about Robin's adventures around the world, but a loud buzzer goes off. Though it's so late, it seems their work break is over. One of the ladies from earlier calls for her. Soran says they work night and day.

She tells Robin to rest and tell her about herself later.

Now that she's alone. Robin pulls out her Vivre Card that points to Rayleigh. Robin falls asleep and wakes up after day break. Only now is Soran getting back from her work. She's all dirty. Her and everyone in this land is working on making a bridge. The entire country is a bridge. A bridge meant to connect the islands. It's been constructed for centuries. Soran asks where Robin is from.

Sroan is excited to hear about different islands. She runs off to grab drawings she's made of the kind of places she's always dreamed of seeing.

Robin goes on to tell about her adventures to Skypiea. Soran asks to hear more, and the ladies from downstairs ask to sit in.

Outside, the lone decenter of Robin is running off to report Robin to a guard. They rush in to raid the camp.

The guards make it to Soran's loft room. All they find is her and the other women. the soldier demands they turn over the woman they are hiding, but they claim ignorance. Robin is actually hiding out on the roof. One of the ladies talk back and she is struck with the heel of a soldier's rifle.

One solider forces open the window to the roof, but finds nothing, but another soldier found Soran's drawings of islands she's imagined.

Soran demands them back, but the leader holds them hostage for information on Robin. Soran refuses to say anything and he breaks one. One by one he breaks more and more. The tears welling up in Soran's eyes as she continues to say she doesn't know anything. In anger, the leader smashes all of her drawings under his boot.

He orders all the women to be taken and torture them for information, and show no mercy to the girl.

Suddenly, and alert goes off outside. Robin is attacking the soldiers and being ruthless. Seeming to make a big a scene as possible. The lone solider left, scared, demands she put her hands up to surrender, and she does. The solider gathers his rifle back up and pleads for back up.

Robin is taken by the commander. He foes on to say that this is a country of laborers. All present are criminals from other countries. The crime is being citizens of countries that did not support the World Government.

He says the bridge has been under construction for 700 years and there is no idea how much longer it will take. He plans to make Robin another one of the slaves on this island.

Elsewhere in the Grand Line are the Bowin Islands. This is where Usopp landed. Usopp is imagining he is on this island with his whole crew.

Usopp is all alone and wonders where everyone is. he starts to explore the island, but comes exhausted. he calls out for anyone, but all that finds him is a giant bug that he has to run from.

A sudden spear flies from out of nowhere and barely misses him to strike the bug. A large man in a stag beetle outfit swings from a vine and crashes into the ground. he walks over the the dead bug, but notices Usopp. He asks if Usopp was going to eat that.

The man introduces himself as Heracles. Usopp tries to bit into a fruit, but a large plant behind him licks him across the back. before it can eat him. Heracles leaps in to save him.

the island is filled with man eating plants. Everyone Usopp runs a plant tries to eat him. They are in the Swindling Forest - Glinston.

Points of Interest

  • While these events did happen in the manga. The events with the Straw Hat Pirates was not shown in as fine a detail.
  • Robin's story is one of the longest in the Lost Friends Arc..
  • Soran never appeared in the manga, but she does play a role in the canon story arcs or Robin's adventure in Tequila Wolf.
  • The only part of Robin's episode that appears in the manga is the point of when she is taken to the base commander.
  • Though the whole crew appear in Usopp's fantasy. Only Luffy, Robin, and Usopp have any spoken dialog this episode.

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