The Friends’ Whereabouts; A Negative Princess and the King of Demons

The Friends’ Whereabouts; A Negative Princess and the King of Demons is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 10/11/2009

Lost Friends Mini Arc (Part 1)

The Friends’ Whereabouts; A Negative Princess and the King of Demons - 仲間達の行方!ネガティブ王女と悪魔王! (Nakama-tachi no Yukue - Negatibu Ōjo to Akumaō!)

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Zoro has found himself in a gloomy land and being care for by the Ghost Princess of the past. Brook lands in the middle of a strange ritual that causes a serious case of mistaken identity, and the Marines gather their strongest in preparation for the war with Whitebeard.
— FUNimation


Opening Theme-

"Share the World!" by TVXQ

Episode Synopsis

Luffy is aboard the Marine ship as a stow away and traveling in the cabin with Boa Hancock. He's enjoying all the food that she had brought to the room.

Hancock is too busy writing on the wall, "Hancock Luffy". She's still upset about the girls on Luffy'e crew.

Luffy enjoyed the meal so much he shouts out how he's stuffed. It was too loud and Hancock has to warn Luffy. He could of been heard.

In fact, a Marine outside did heard something odd.

A few days earlier on Gloom Island. Perona the Ghost Princess is all alone and very lonely. She knows she said she wanted to go to a gloomy island, but she didn't mean alone and without cute servants.

Just as she's crying over being alone. There is a sudden crash in the distant forest. Perona sends her astral form to investigate. She's happy to see someone else has been sent here.

As the dust clears from the landing. She's shocked to see it's Zoro from the Straw Hat Pirates. He's unconscious and injured. She realizes with all his injures that he'll be dead soon. She flies off laughing.

Dawn at the castle Perona is living at. She is tending over Zoro's injuries. She's sitting by his bed and nodding off herself.

Zoro wakes up wondering where he is. He remembers how he got there. The Strain and memories cause his to shout out. His scream scares Perona awake.

Zoro notices her and recognizes her from Thriller Bark. Zoro demands to know where his swords are, but she refuses to say. Zoro staggers off the bed, but falls to his knee. She uses her negative Hollow attack to make Zoro depressed and he passes out.

Zoro wakes up again, but this time he's been dressed up to look like Perona's zombie bear Kumacy. he's enraged, but she's ecstatic not to be alone anymore.

She doesn't like his attitude so she uses her powers on him again. This happens over and over again. Zoro gets up to walk out, and she points his way to the exit. She doesn't understand why she said it.

Even thought she was pointing the whole time he still went into the wrong direction. He removes the Kumacy outfit and walks out.

She calls after him and is hesitant to ask if he's gong to leave.

In the halls of the castle. Zoro struggles to walk.. Suddenly in his path is a giant Perona. She tells him she's not going to let him leave so easily.

Elsewhere in the Grand Line on Lazy Bones Island. A village is in ruins. In a small hunt. people are holding some sort of ritual. The are calling vengeance against someone. They are trying to summon Satan.

The candles are blown out, and a crash through the roof. On the middle of the pentagram is a paw print. The person standing in it is Brook. The people mistake him for Satan.

Brook stands and says he must return to Luffy and the others. The people in the hut wonder what they need to offer Satan to keep him here. Brook wonders what he would want when the sight of a lovely woman in the back catches his eyes.

He asks to see her panties. Suddenly, all the men starts showing their underwear.

Back in the present, Luffy is on the way to Impel Down to save Ace. The suspicious Marine from earlier is investigating. There is a knock on the door and someone demands to know if there is someone in her room.

The Lieutenant Stalker heard unlady-like comments coming from the room.

Hancock opens the door and covers for Luffy by repeating what he blurt out before about being full in a very uncouth way. The Marines are shocked to hear an empress talk that way.

There are six days left till Ace's execution date. Luffy sits in the cabin and stares at the shrinking Vivre Card.

At Marineford, the most famous of Marines are gathering.

In Mariejois, the Shichibukai are doing their own meeting.

Deep in Impel Down, Garp has come to talk to Ace. Ace pleads with Garp to kill him.Garp calls him an idiot. Nothing can stop this now. Dying now wont stop Whitebeard.

Ace starts to cry as he remembers Whitebeard and calls out, "Father".

Points of Interest

  • While these events did happen in the manga. The events with the Straw Hat Pirates was not shown in as fine a detail.
  • Though other members of the Straw Hat crew are seen this episode. Other then Luffy, Zoro, and Brook. Only Franky's voice is heard in a flash back from Thriller Bark.
  • Jonathan and Lieutenant Drake are shown meeting at Marineford. They were from the G-8 Filler Arc and are not canon characters.

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Boa HancockLove-Love Beam
PeronaNegative Hollow

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