The Forever Bag

The Forever Bag is an anime episode of ThunderCats that was released on 05/19/2012

The twins fall back into their old habits as thieves in Dog City, when they help Tookit and a group of young thieves with a crime spree using a magical bag, and find themselves hunted by a Dogman law officer.
In Dog City, Wilykit, Wiykat and Snarf are in search of the Raccoon thief Tookit, he has stolen Wilykit's flute and Wilykat's Skyboard. The twins ask the dogs if they have seen the thief but come up empty handed. Meanwhile nearby, Tookit is actually trying to track down the twins, hoping to recruit them into his gang of thieves, but while asking one of the dogs if he has seen the two cats, he steals the dogs watch and runs from the scene of the crime, where he bumps into the twins in an alley, The dogs in pursuit believe the twins to be in league with Tookit and the are forced to run or become the newest entertainment in The Pit, Tookit leads the twins to a small dwelling where they think they are trapped, but Tookit reveals his ultimate secret, a magical bag that opens a portal to the astral plane, The Forever Bag. The twins, Snarf, and Tookit leap into the bag and into it's sub-dimension, a pocket of the astral plane filled with treasure and three other children, the frog-boy Albo, the flying squirrel girl Jenyo, and the Opossum boy Gusto, who all act as Tookit's thieves. 
Although the twins find the Forever Bag dimension amazing they choose to leave with the belongings that Tookit had previously stolen, and Tookit is oddly happy to oblige, and insists they take something else as a gift of his good will. Back in Dog City the twins once again think Tookit is not such a bad guy, but soon find themselves Dog City's most wanted thieves when Tookit's present is the watch he had stolen earlier.

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