The Forbidden Research... Nozomi's Hidden Secret!

The Forbidden Research... Nozomi's Hidden Secret! is an anime episode of Bleach that was released on 07/05/2011

Plot Summary

Mayrui's latest concoction
Mayrui's latest concoction

Kageroza sustains a stab to the back from Mayrui Kurotsuchi's Zanpakuto, which should render him unable to move but he seems immune to it. Telling Mayuri that he was prepared for this, Mayuri questions this and tells Kageroza that he will close his eyes and let Kageroza attack him if he can. As he slowly walks toward Kageroza with his eyes closed and arms stretched out, Kageroza finds himself lost in thought about what to do and takes a brutal attack because of this. Unable to comprehend what happened, Mayuri informs him that he created a new poison designed to eat away at one's ability to make decisions and think properly: the ultimate punishment for a scientist. Seemingly defeated, Reigai Isane Kotetsu comes to his aid but is killed by Kageroza, who seems to be giving in to his base emotions now that his mental capacities are fading away.

Nozomi and another modified soul in test tubes
Nozomi and another modified soul in test tubes

Meanwhile, Ichigo awakens in Urahara's Shop and is confused about what happened to him. According to the others, he simply reappeared in the Precipice World and they went to retrieve him. Kisuke Urahara explains that he believes Kageroza is after Modified Soul data that was stored there due to odd Reishi containing information about the development of Mod Souls that was covering Ichigo. As he continues his explanation, Nozomi interludes, saying that Kisuke is correct and that Kageroza was the creator of Mod Souls and that he began to make Mod Souls that were not only based off of actual living Shinigami Captains, but would enhance their abilities as well. Soul Society deemed this to be too much power for one person to have under their control and Project Spearhead was cancelled and all information ordered to be destroyed under the public guise of doing it out of ethics and respect for the dead bodies that were the original hosts of Mod Souls. Before the information was destroyed, Kageroza copied it into Reishi and hid it in the Precipice World to be retrieved later. Additionally, Nozomi reveals that she was the first Mod Soul created by Kageroza.

Kageroza and his Reigai
Kageroza and his Reigai

Back in Soul Society, Kageroza uses the Mod Soul of Isane Kotetsu to escape into a new body and escape from Mayuri's attack and gives the same explanation of his past to the Captains who came to confront him. Once finished, he uses his Zanpakuto to destroy the bracelets of the Reigai, which served as limiters to their spiritual pressure and seemingly kept them from going mad with power. The level of spiritual pressure coming from them takes the Captains by surprise and to make matters worse, Kageroza reveals the he has made new Reigai from all of the defeated captains and vice captains who appear. As the battle begins anew, the captains quickly find themselves overwhelmed.

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