The Forbidden Game

The Forbidden Game is an anime episode of The Severing Crime Edge that was released on 06/19/2013
The Severing Crime Edge
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Plot Summary

The Forbidden Game


Romaji―Kinjirareta Asobi―
Translation―The Forbidden Games―
MangaCh. 22-23
(Vol. ?)
Theme Music
OpeningUnmei no Ori
EndingKimi to Futari
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While Naruto get his hair cut by Misumi's mother, Misumi asks Nigi why was Kiri interested in Grayland. At the cemetery, Kiri takes a picture of Emily dancing with his cellphone since Sumeragi had asked him earlier. Emily tells Kiri to stay out of her way because her objective is to kill Iwai. Kiri steps on the flowers to enrage Emily. Meanwhile at church, Lady Witchy informs a man about Kiri and Emily's encounter. Kiri and Emily start fighting in the forest. Kiri loses sight of Emily. Then, Emily throws a knife that scratches Kiri's cheek. She informs Kiri that she had killed Seigi. Emily throws several knifes that immobilizes Kiri. With Kiri on the ground, she states that Grayland is a common criminal and that a legend just evolved over time. Shocked at Emily's words, Kiri falls over the cliff. When Kiri collapses unconscious, he sees someone in his vision.

Meanwhile, Sumeragi plays Janga with the Byouinzaka sisters and wonders why Kiri hasn't met his ancestor in a vision. In Kiri's vision, he follows the robed man into a chamber where the man heats his scissors before cutting into his victim. Kiri yells out to stop the man and loses his mind when Grayland starts severing the body with the scissors. Over at Iwai's house, Iwai finds out that someone had read her notes. Deep in the forest, Emily douses Kiri's body in gasoline to start the cremation. Suddenly, Kiri wakes up and attacks Emily with the scissors in his mouth. Emily finds Kiri acting like a savage animal and that Grayland enjoys inflicting agony. She loses the feeling in her hand and drops the lighter. Kiri lunges and slashes at Emily. Arriving to her father's grave, Iwai finds Emily injured and frightened nearby. She is shocked that Kiri had done this to Emily.

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The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Sumeragi: "Both Killing Goods and Order Mades seek to call forth a being optimized for murder. They negate fear, even subconscious hesitation, as well as any instinctive conscience."
— Sumeragi comparing Order Mades and Authors

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Only in the manga, there are upskirt shots of Emily.
  • The manga's scene vividly reveals Grayland's scissor puncturing the body before the camera shifts from the dissection.


  • In the manga, Emily has cuts, burns, and bruises all over her body. Compared to the anime, it's toned down.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tatsuhiko Hikagi Original Concept He is the mangaka on Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge series.
Yuji Yamaguchi Director


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