The First Transfer Student

The First Transfer Student is an anime episode of RDG Red Data Girl that was released on 04/04/2013
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One day Izumiko decides to cut her bangs as her first step toward self change. Despite her best efforts, she is still the center of bullying at school. To make matters worse, the new transfer student is an old acquaintence who seems to hate her.

Plot Summary

The First Transfer Student
RomajiHajimete no Tenkōsei
TranslationThe First Transfer Student
Theme Music
Opening"Small worldrop (スモルワールドロップ)"
Ending"Yokan (予感)"
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In order to change herself, Izumiko decides to cut the bangs of her hair. Then she runs out of the house and sits in her chauffeur's car so that she could be driven to school. As they are driving, Izumiko tells her chauffeur, Shingo Nonomura, that she wants to stay at a dorm in Sototsugawa high school instead of the high school in Tokyo like her father had wanted.

At school, Izumiko is bullied for changing her hair by the people in her physical education class. Her two friends, Ayumi and Haruna, then defend her by arguing with the people mocking Izumiko. As they are arguing, a girl named Satoru compliments Izumiko's hair.

At her computer class, her friend Haruna helps her with using the computer. When Izumiko is teased about not knowing how to use a computer, Izumiko decides to use the omputer for herself. When she does use the computer, time freezes and she is enveloped in a clear liquid. Her computer screen flashes to a video chat with her father. She then begins talking to her father and tells him that she wants to go to Sototsugawa High School instead of Hojo like he had planned. Her father then tells her that Sagara is coming to location to fetch her. Izumiko is unhappy with the idea of Sagara as a guardian because he is not her real father. As her anger rises, she soon realizes that her surroundings are becoming distorted. Then she returns to the normal world just as the computers have lost all power. Izumiko then begins to cry.

Yukimasa arrives in a helicopter and takes Izumiko to a medical facility. They run tests on her before heading to Izumiko's home. While walking in the woods Izumiko meets a boy named Miyuki. The boy complains that he was forced to come all the way for someone as insignificant as Izumiko. Yukimasa arrives and tells Miyuki to watch his mouth. The three then head to Izumiko's home for tea. Yukimasa then explains that Miyuki was supposed to meet Izumiko in Hojo Academy. However, since Izumiko wants to go to Sotosugawa, he is ordered to transfer to her school. Miyuki protests as why he has to obey this order. Yukimasa replies that Miyuki is Izumiko's servant. Angry at his predicament and his guardian, Miyuki storms out of the room.

At the dining room table, Izumiko talks with her housekeeper and her grandfather. She learns that Miyuki is a skilled mountain monk who had mastered his mountain training as early as the age of thirteen. When Yukimasa returns with Miyuki, everyone in the house is surprised to find that Miyuki looks beaten up. Miyuki then tells Izumiko and her grandfather that he will be transferring to Izumiko's middle school and he will be staying at Izumiko's home.

At night, Izumiko finds Miyuki in the hallway. Miyuki confesses that he was not sincere when he wanted to transfer to Izumiko's school; he mentions that he had to do it or Yukimasa would have killed him. Izumiko then remembers that Miyuki had tried to toughen her up by throwing a ball at her over and over again. Miyuki then replies that he remembers that memory, but would not bother to do something like that for Izumiko now. The next day, Miyuki transfers into Izumiko's school.

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Toshiya Shinohara Director
Michiko Yokote Series Composition
Masumi Itou ED Theme Song:"Yokan" (予感) by Masumi Itou
Annabel OP Theme Song:"Small WorlDrop" (スモルワールドロップ) by Annabel


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