The First Palm of Someone's Hand

The First Palm of Someone's Hand is an anime episode of RDG Red Data Girl that was released on 04/10/2013
RDG Red Data Girl
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Izumiko and Miyuki plan to see Yukariko during their fieldtrip in Tokyo. Upon arriving in Tokyo, Izumiko begins to sense something sinister following her. Miyuki thinks it's all in her head until a series of events prevent them from seeing Yukariko.

Plot Summary

The First Palm of Someone's Hand
RomajiHajimete no Tenohira
TranslationThe First Palm
Theme Music
Opening"Small worldrop (スモルワールドロップ)"
Ending"Yokan (予感)"
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Izumiko gets a new cell phone and note from her mother. In the note, her mother asks if she could meet with Izumiko while she is on her field trip to Tokyo. Knowing that she would need a cell phone to contact her mother, Izumiko asks Miyuki to accompany her to handle the cell phone and accompany her to the meeting.

While on the plane to Tokyo, Izumiko begins sensing a strange presence around her. The feeling only intensifies when she reaches the airport. When she meets with Miyuki again, he tells her that her mother had contacted him once again and has scheduled their meeting to be at Metropolitan Government Office's northern observatory at 3:30.

When the students are allowed to roam around, Miyuki fetches Izumiko and they head for the Northern Observatory. As they walk through the building, Miyuki gets a message from Izumiko's mother, telling them to meet at her home instead because she was unable to meet them at the designated meeting place; she ends the text by alerting them to the fact that they have been found by something. As run towards her house, they soon realize that there is a force trying to hinder their passage.

As the rain begins to pour, Izumiko and Miyuki hide in a building when they spot a shadow heading to their spot. They soon find out that it is only Yukimasa. When they do reach the home of Izumiko's mother, Yukimasa tells that her mother had used herself as a decoy to ward off their pursuers.

While Izumiko sleeps, Yukimasa explains that Izumiko is a descendent from a long line of women who with the ability to be possessed by spirits. It is then that a spirit, called Himegami, enters Izumiko's body and tells Yukimasa that they should take care of Izumiko's body and that Izumiko will be the last vessel she will take. Afterward, Yukimasa decides that protecting Izumiko is beyond Miyuki's abilities and relieves him of his duties to safeguard her.

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