The Final Battle

The Final Battle is an anime episode of IGPX that was released on 01/28/2006

The Final Battle Episode 12

The big day has finally come as it is the IG-1 Finals between Team Velhstein and Team Satomi. The veterans and two year champions are ready to put up a fight as the rookiers are amazed they got this far. Even though Satomi has the confidence, do they also have the ability to dodge the move that took them out during their first encounter?

Plot Summary

Opening Theme
Go For It by Gran Rodeo

It's time for Team Satomi to kick ass and chew bubblegum
It's time for Team Satomi to kick ass and chew bubblegum

The day for the IG-1 Championship has finally arrived as Benjamin Bright gives the run down for the race as both teams get ready for the big match. Bright highlights both teams over the course of the 2049 season as well as that the last match between the two did not end so well with the Indoraga Mano. While things are getting ready, it is shown that all the teams in the IG-1 are watching to see the final outcome of the race. In the pits, Sir Hamgra is giving a lecture to the three pilots of Team Velhstein and expects the three to go out there and win against the rookies. Michiru gives a lighter speech to Team Satomi as she tells them that its an honor to have gotten this far and go out to have fun. They all think she's crazy before she laughs, telling them that she was joking, and states that they will kick their asses.

As the mechs head out to the track and the countdown begins, Dew and Jan tell Cunningham how it is an honor to have served with him, noting that he is superior to them. He puts it off as he reminds them that they are a team and that he can tell Hamgra is nervous about the outcome of the race. The members of Team Satomi are not as confident as they know the biggest challenge will be to handle the massive attack Velhstein as planned for them. As they start the first lap, they recall the modifications Mark and Andrei made to the mechs which is a one shot booster that can help them dodge the attack. Liz and Takeshi seem to understand, leaving Amy a bit confused on what to do.

Taking her to the training room, Andrei, Liz, and Takeshi explain to Amy how a tell works and if you can spot the tell of a person, you can easily dodge their attacks. They demonstrate it a bit in front of her before trying it out on her. After a few attempts of faking her out, Liz and Takeshi wonder if she can actually dodge the attack out on the track. She feels a bit discouraged by this as the scene returns to the track with Velhstein taking an early lead against Satomi. As they go into the second lap, the three players of Satomi know that Cunningham will unleash the attack soon as they are waiting for the moment. They enter the first turn when Velhstein gets ready to attack. Takeshi and Liz are able to dodge it as Amy begins to remember what happened again.

The Indoraga Mano has been unleashed by Team Velhstein
The Indoraga Mano has been unleashed by Team Velhstein

After the bout in the training room, Liz comes up to the roof where Amy is to console her. She tells Amy about her past in how she was an orphan that grew up in Puerto Rico and that she has literally nothing to her name. However, the one thing she does have that she is happy with is Takeshi and Amy who she considers to be her family. Luca chimes in as Liz points out she can understand Luca. They vow to protect her on the track as Luca snaps Amy back into the race. Jan is coming at her with his attack as a wave of pulses and electricity storm the track, causing an electrical hurricane of sorts. Liz was able to get out of the storm as they wait for Takeshi and Amy.

When the dust settles, it turns out Takeshi and Amy avoided the attack, much to the surprise of everyone in the stadium, even Team Velhstein. What amazes Andrei and Mark the most is that Takeshi didn't use his boosters with Cunningham as he was able to predict when he would attack. However, he did use his boosters to rush in to get Amy out of the way of the attack. Now with the hard part out of the way, the easy part is winning the race as Satomi and Velhstein start back in the race to see who will be the season champions. As the race continues, Andrei promises Takeshi that if he wins the race, he will introduce him to the Rocket, one of Takeshi's biggest idols.

Ending Theme
Believe Yourself by Exige

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