The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line!

The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 08/11/2004
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The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line! - 五代目火影 命を賭けた戦い (Godaime Hokage, Inochi o kaketa tatakai!)

Naruto's ninja way is to never go back on his word. Naruto is seriously injured by Kabuto and hovers on the verge of death. Tsunade must finally decide if she wants the remainder of her brother and lover's dreams to die before her again. She will stand and take on that dream to become the Fifth Hokage and protect the people of the Hidden Leaf Village.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

Naruto holds onto Kabuto and has finally completed the Rasengan. With Kabuto as his first target, Naruto fires it off into his belly. In one last desperate act, Kabuto presses at Naruto's back with the chakra scalpel. With the power unleashed, Kabuto is blown away in the wake of destruction. Tsuade is in awe that he could use the jutsu of the Fourth Hokage.

In the battle between Jiraiya and Orochimaru on the giant snake. Jiraiya beams with pride and Oroshimaru is shocked. Tsunade looks on that Naruto could complete that technique in only one week. Kabuto, in the distance, is still on his feet but only barely. he's seriously wounded form the strike. Naruto suddenly coughs up blood and collapses. Tsunade rushes to his side and calls out in surprise that Kabuto can still stand. he explains that he gathered all his chakra to his stomach to start healing his body before he was even struck. Even now the wounds are starting to completely heal. Its because of his recuperative power is why Orochimaru favors him over others. The chakra was used to create new cells, but he thinks to himself that the process has taken up nearly all his total chakra. Kabuto starts moving toward them, but a sudden shock hits his body. His glasses break and he collapses. The damage was too extensive for his body ad now has no chakra left.

Tsunade moves to examine Naruto and is shocked hear an arrhythmia in his heart. The muscles in his heart have been cut. She realizes that it must of been Kabuto in that last minute. With her hands shaking, she concentrates her chakra to open Naruto shirt. Watching from a distance are Tonton, Gamakichi, and Gamatatsu. Gamatatsu asks his brother if they are going to get snacks since it looks as if Naruto is going to die, but Gamakichi shouts him down.

Back and Naruto, Tsunade is trying to heal his damaged heart. Kabuto looks on and taunts her that it's too lat for him. He claims to have cut the chakra network that allows him to restore strength from the Nine-tailed Fox, the source of Naruto's impressive healing ability. She shouts at him to shut up and that she'll kill him later. She can feel that Naruto has stopped breathing and sees him like her dead brother, Nawaki; and her lover, Dan, were after they died.

Deep in the seal of the Nine-tailed Fox inside of Naruto, The Nine-tails comments on hos it's becoming dark. Before the darkness can envelop the demon, tears behind to fall like rain. They are from Tsunade who begs Naruto not to die, over and over again. Suddenly, Naruto's hand reaches up and clutches at the necklace of the First Hokage hanging from around her neck. He says he won the bet and passes out. Kabuto can't believe Naruto survived. Tsunade takes his hand and heals the deep gash from where he held Kabuto by. She says that for one last time she will trust this necklace to a boy who dreams of becoming the hokage. She removes it and places it around Naruto's neck.

On the giant snake, Orochimaru can see that Naruto is vulnerable, but Jiraiya has faith in Tsunade's Medical Jutsu. Orochimaru is concerned that there could be trouble if the Akatsuki were to ever find Naruto. With out a word, Orochimaru moves in to kill Naruto now that he has the chance. Jiyaira is still too effected by the earlier drug to block the advance. He chases after him, but Orochimaru whips out his long tongue around his leg and slams him to the ground. He now flies straight for Naruto as the deadly Kusanagi sword emerges from the snake within his own mouth. there is a splash of blood, but it was Tsunade who was pierced through the chest for guard Naruto.

Tonton with the frog brothers watch on, and Shizune is still unconscious. Orochimaru stands and withdraws the sword to within his belly. He tells her that he didn't wish to kill her. hat is Naruto is allowed to live it will cause great trouble in the future. She says that this one child she will protect no matter the cost. he asks what a Sannin would go to such lengths for a simple Genin. Coughing up blood, she says it's to protect the Hidden Leaf Village. It's because this one small boy will one day become the hokage. He only laughs and says to hell with the title of Hokage. Only fools want that job. Tsunade remembers that she spoke those same words only a week ago, and how Shizune and Jiraiya told her of the importance of being the hokage. They put their lives on the line to protect the people. Standing, she tells Orochimaru that she will now put her life on the line. He redraws his sword and slashes her across the chest. Shizune and Jiraiya awake just to see Tsunade fall to the ground. He moves to Naruto to slash him. Before Jiraiya can act, everyone is shocked to see that Tsuande again took this slice of the sword to guard the unconscious Naruto with her own body. Orochimaru mocks her for still protecting him, but she says that she's going to protect Naruto with her life. Angered, he kicks her away. Looking on and covered in blood, her whole body still trembles due to her blood phobia. He ask if she has such a fear of blood why she would protect Naruto and fight for the Hidden Leaf Village. He's shocked when he notices her trembling stops, and a powerful kick strikes at his jaw. Now standing, she explains that it's because that she is the Fifth Hokage. The seal on her forehead starts to spread.

Tsunade releases the Yin Seal
Tsunade releases the Yin Seal

Orochimaru stands and it still confident that she wont be able to fight with her injuries. Tsunade only laughs and forms a hand seal. Shizune shouts from the side that she'll heal her wound and not to release the seal. She then uses the Ninja Art - Mitotic Regeneration, and the wounds on her body begin to regenerate and seal. Orochimaru is shocked having never seen this jutsu. He remarks in surprise that he's not the only one who has deeloped new jutsu and asks what it's done. Tsunade explains that for several years she has been storing chakra in the seal on her forehead. By releasing it, the chakra stimulates proteins in her body and causes the cells to reproduce at an incredible rate. It repairs all damages and prevents her from being able to die in battle. Though, Shizune thinks to herself how the number of times a person's cells can divided in a lifetime is fixed. Using the technique will shorten ones life. Tsunade starts to perform another jutsu and Kabuto warns his master. With Orochimaru beside Kabuto, he, Jiraiya, and Tsunade perform a summoning jutsu. This time, they have all brought forth their most powerful summoned creatures. Jiraiya has Gamabunta, Tsunade with Naruto has Katsuyu, and Orochimaru has Manda.

Points of Interest

  • The wound on Naruto's left hand that she heals this episode was changed from the manga version. In the manga, Naruto was stabbed through the hand, but the anime changed it to between the fingers.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
Naruto UzumakiRasengan
Kabuto YakushiChakra Scalpel
Summoning Jutsu
TsunadeHealing Jutsu
Yin Seal Release
Ninja Art - Mitotic Regeneration
Summoning Jutsu
JiraiyaSummoning Jutsu

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