The Felling Maria Has a Fly’s Head

The Felling Maria Has a Fly’s Head is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 05/06/2011

Episode Synopsis

 The episode starts in 1914 Lithuania, at a convent, where bombs of World War I are dropped, killing many of the wounded and nuns there. in retaliation, the nuns begin to curse the pilots using crosses, causing them to crash out of the sky. this is the location of Beelzebub's Skull.

it shifts to the present, where Kazuya is reading a letter he got from his father with Avril, acknowledging his excellent performance at the academy, but ordering to steel himself as he carries the burden of his country with him. Avril asks what he plans to do when he finishes the academy, and he states he will most likely be a soldier, as he was always told that  when he was young. Avril states she wants to be an adventurer like her grandfather and travel around the world.
Kazuya goes to buy some sweets for Victorique, mentioning she is persnickety about her choices, punishing him if they do not please her. He returns to the tower library to bring them to her, but doesn't find her, but finds her books still there with the basket of sweets overturned, and finding her pipe on the floor. He searches across campus, but cannot find her. when he reaches her house he finds Cecile-Sensei inside she. tells him that she saw Grevil and his father's men take her away, saying they were moving her to a convent. however, she gives Kazuya a note Victorique left for him, and mentions that she wrote it holding back tears before leaving.
Grevil is on the line with his father, mentioning the deed is accomplished, but asking if it was a bit premature. his father retorted asking Grevil if he has become attached to her, saying the weak of heart will never find the truth, with Victorique in a hooded robe locked in a holding cell.

Avril notices Kazuya's unusual behaviour in class, and after he tells her what happened to Victorique, she tries to cheer him up, but he mentioned he is even more worried for her since she was moved under order of her father. Avril apologised for bringing up the subject, but he leaves after himself apologizing. That night, he lies in the library in the same spot victoruqe reads in, looking at the mural on the roof, commenting on Victorique should have written "Help" instead of "Idiot" if she was in trouble. he then imagines her responding cryptically, which wakes him up.
Kazuya then goes to Vicotique's house and begins to pack clothes for her, when Grevil appears. he states metaphorically that the Grey Wolf is dying, as she does not sleep eat or talk since she was captured, and he then gives Kazuya a letter, and tells him she is being held prisoner in Beelzebub's Skull.  He calls a leave of absence, and sets out in search of Victorique, taking a train to Lithuania. he recalls Grevil stating that the convent is on the Gulf Coast of Lithuania, and dates back to the middle ages. he states that it is necessary to bring the Grey Wolf to this location to keep her quiet, and to draw out a certain someone. Kazuya states he will go in search of her because she is his friend.
On the train, he enters a cabin, where one of the men asks him if he is going to Beelzebub's Skull to see the Phantasmagoria, and holds out a letter similar to Kazuya's. he explains phantasmagoria is like a magic show, and introduces himself as Simon Hunt, a clocksmith in Saubure. the other man in the cabin states he is going to see his daughter.
later that night, Kazuya, unable to sleep, is outside in the carriage by the window, when he notices Brian Roscoe. he follows him into the storage room, and notices a chess doll. he goes to observe it, only for one of the arms to raise up and hit him on the head, startling him. he goes to observe to find the inside of the chess doll is mechanic, and being unable to find Brian, returned to his seat.
the next morning over breakfast, he recalls someone mentioning the story of  "Mary's Felling Ghost", where in 1914, the convent was bombed by German planes, but an image of the Virgin Mary caused the planes to crash. later in the evening, they arrive at  Beelzebub's Skull, which is on a hill, shaped like a fly's head, and was named after the Lord of the Flies.  as he gets his ticket stamped, he tries to ask the nun at the front where Victorique may be located, but gets no answer.

 Brian at the convent in 1914.
 Brian at the convent in 1914.
Kazuya inwittingly walks into the tent hosting Phantasmagoria, and is confused by what was going on. the focus changes to Brian, who is in one of the tower windows. he notes how the place has changed since he was last there in 1914 during the Great War. at that time he met Jupiter Roget, the president of Saubure's Science Academy. Roget mentions the intentions to aid the Ministry of the Occult by harnessing the ancient power of the land to do combat against the attackers, but Brian states that he is an enemy of the ministry and will not forgive Albert De Blois. he mentions a "feat of Engineering" to combat against Albert, which Roget agrees with. however, Brian notes they were also after the momento box, which he mentions he lost, and must regain, even if it means putting a wolf cub in peril to do so, looking at the chess box.
 Phantasmagoria Opens.
 Phantasmagoria Opens.
Kazuya is struggling to move through the crowd, which has him pinned to the wall. however at that moment, the Phantasmagoria officially opens.

As Kazuya is trying to shrug off a drunk, he notices what seems to be Victorique in front of him, then vanish. he searches after her, who eventually enters the convent. when Kazuya enters, she sees him from the top balcony and runs away. he chases after her, leading up a tower, chasing her until he reaches near the top and is exhausted. when he reaches the top he finds a room with a robed figure in it, which turns out to be Victorique, crying when she sees him.

 Kazuya and Victorique reunited.
 Kazuya and Victorique reunited.
As he gives victorique her clothes, he asks her why she didn't stop for him when he was chasing her. surprised, she states she was always in the tower, and that the person he saw must have been her mother Cordelia.

The episode ends with Brian and Cordelia noting all the actors are gathered, and the night of magic has just begun.
 Brian and Cordelia anticipating the night.
 Brian and Cordelia anticipating the night.

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