The Fang and the Tears

The Fang and the Tears is an anime episode of Baki the Grappler that was released on 01/29/2001
Baki Hanma completes his  Physical Training ,and belives he is ready to face of against  The Yasha Ape. He proceeds to the cave entrance where the ape lives and waits for the monster. When the monster shows up he sets the ground around them on fire creating a combat ring.  Keechi Ando  gets home from the hospital and is surprised to find all the food in his house gone. He then realizes Baki has gone to face off against the ape. Ando grabs his gun and run into the woods to look for Baki. Ando find Baki fighting the ape and takes a shot. But Baki stops him and tels him he must Finnish this himself. Baki continues to fight the ape but is losing badly, until he gets an  Endorphin rush . He then proceeds to beat the ape. The ape retreats into its cave. The next day Baki visits the ape's cave and finds the corpses of many apes.  Baki gives the Yasha the skull of his wife that  Yujiro Hanma  had killed a few year prior. The ape in exchange gives Bakis a fang that Baki had knocked off as a trophy. Baki thanks the ape for making him stronger and heads back to the city.

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Keisuke Itagaki Original Concept Famous for creating Baki the Grappler. Before becoming an artist he serve in the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force.He also holds a degree in Shorinji Kempo, and has competed in the National Sports Festival of Japan.


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