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The Familiar of Zero is an anime series in the The Familiar of Zero franchise
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Jean Colbert is a professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic. It is later revealed that he is also known as the Flame Snake.


A sentient sword who was originally partnered with a Gundolf from six-thousand years ago. His new partner is Saito.


A large fire salamander named Flame. He is the familiar of Kirche.

Guiche de Gramont

Guiche is another student from the Tristain Magic Academy. His familiar is a giant mole obsessed with jewelry called Belldandy and his main magic affinity is the earth element.

Henrietta de Tristain

Henrietta is the princess of Tristain and a friend of Louise since their childhood.


Illococoo, or Sylphid as she is called in her Dragon form, is Tabitha's familiar. She likes to think of herself as Tabitha's younger sister. In her dragon form she usually serves as a form of transportation.

Jean-Jacques Francis de Wardes

A griffin-riding knight of Tristain and future husband of Louise, who turned out to be a traitor working for the Conquistadors.


She is Scarron's daughter and Siesta's first cousin on her maternal side.

Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst

Kirche is one of the students at the school Louise goes to. She often makes fun of her for being unable to perform magic properly.


Longueville is a triangle class witch who also goes by the alias of famous thief, Fouquet. She posed as the secretary of the lecherous Old Osmond at Tristan Magic Academy, Her true name is name Matilda de Saschen-Gotha.

Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière

The main heroine of Zero no Tsukaima, she is the third daughter of the La Vallière family, and Saito's master.

Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency

Montmorency is another student attending the Magic Academy of Tristain, her familiar is a tiny yellow frog which she likes to dress with a pink ribbon, just like hers and has as main magic affinity the water element.

Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell is the leader of Reconquista who is responsible for the Albion War.


The principal of Tristain Academy of Magic.

Saito Hiraga

Saito is an ordinary Japanese boy who is summoned into a different world to be the familiar of Louise, landing in the Tristain Academy of Magic. He has the ability to use any weapon at an extremely high level of skill.


Scarron is the owner of the Enchanting Fairy Mansion, where Saito and Louise take refuge while on missions assigned by the Queen.


A maid at the academy. She has a crush on Saito, and treats him very kindly. Although bearing witness to a possible relationship between Saito and Louise and its accompanying sharp up and downs, Siesta believes she can provide Saito a more gentle and caring relationship and love.


Tabitha is one of the students of the Tristain Academy and Kirche´s best friend. Her familiar is the wind dragon Sylphid, also known as Irukuku, and her main magic affinity is the wind element.

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