Zero no Tsukaima Season 4 and Final Season announced

Topic started by PenguinDust on Aug. 20, 2011. Last post by konantenshi 3 years, 5 months ago.
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Zero no Tsukaima, aka The Familiar of Zero, will air a fourth season this October according to Anime News Network.  The anime franchise following the adventures of tsundere magician, Louise Françoise Le Blanc de La Vallière and her summoned-from-Earth servant, Saito Hiraga began in 2006 with one 13 episode season and followed by two more each running 12 episodes long.  The most recent season aired back in 2008.  The announced fourth season airing this Fall will be comprised of "selected episodes" from seasons one through three.  A final season, presumably season five, was also announced although when that will air is still unclear.  It makes sense that a "review" season would air on TV before the finale. 
  Noboru Yamaguchi, author of the light novel series, recently underwent surgery for advanced-stage cancer and appears to be doing well.  ANN source
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Whatever...I have moved on especially because that third season, especially the season closer, was complete garbage. Some stuff works nicely with the twelve episode format but Tsukaima spent too much time with stupid bullshit that deflated any momentum as well as all of my goodwill towards the anime adaption.

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@ZombiePie: I'm surprised you lasted longer than I did. I couldn't get past the beginning of the second season before I couldn't take one more "INUBAKA!" *whip crack*.
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@DocHaus: Yeah the second season is alright with moments of hilarity and brilliance. It's just that right from the gate small stuff starts to crop up and it deflates any build up to jokes or genuinely serious twists. And the repetition of the humor and situational set pieces is just a killer.

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@PenguinDust: No wonder why.... I just saw it in Wikipedia, it's said that they will make it in 2012. But pretty good, after Shakugan no Shana 3... I think, both series are made in adjacent time.. Well, I can't wait! ^^

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