Tuesday is Toyday! 12/16/08

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This week I'm going to focus on a few Nendoroids, because I love them and several of them had images just hit the 'net today.

Louise wants to punish you.
Louise wants to punish you.
Now, some of you may already know that Louise is the only tsundere that I really like, and it's primarily because she's a not-so-secret bondage queen. Unfortunately the Nendoroid version pretty much minimizes that side of things...but hey, maybe they'll make a second one just for those of us who like Louise's abusive side.

The Comptiq versions of Lucky Star's Tsukasa and Miyuki are also up. Enjoy these images, because that's all you're likely to get-- these are

Tsukasa and Moo-yuki
Tsukasa and Moo-yuki
exclusively for Comptiq readers and you have to order them through the magazine, and they won't ship out of country. (Believe me, I tried.) You may find one on eBay...someday...

Finally, we have Maritan! Maritan is the star of Magical Marine Pixel Maritan. She's a militaristic moe girl who teaches English-- raunchy English that odds are good you've never actually said (“I like you! Come over and !@#$ my sister!”). Comes complete with a bazooka. Too awesome.
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lol bazooka XD
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Those are cute.
I guess I'm going to have to be creative if I'm going to steal some Tsukasa and Miyuki figures.
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I'd love to have a Louise nenderoid.
Post by Harts (12 posts) See mini bio Level 2
Maritan's english is not really good for learning, but really funny anyways:P
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
Maritan is awesome...and as a result this is probably the first time I've been really tempted to buy a nendroid.
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