The Fairies' Survival Skills

The Fairies' Survival Skills is an anime episode of Humanity Has Declined that was released on 08/26/2012

Plot Summary

Mediator find herself stranded on an island with the fairies.

A few days ago, the fairies are talking about politics (indirectly). One fairy on the ground gets almost hit by a desk. In Grandpa's study, Grandpa orders Mediator to take the fairies to an island to control the spiking population of fairies. On the docks, the fairies are gloomy until Mediator cheers them up about making their own nation. During the conversation, the dock breaks off from the land. As the piece of dock floats off into the lake, Mediator rescues the fairies into her boat. On the island, Mediator accidentally accepts the fairies' invitation, and the fairies nominate Mediator as their queen. Next day, Mediator finds the fairies with a drawer they created from the wood, and she learns that the fairies are good at wood making. The Mediator's words encourage the fairies to start a wide variety of projects to build a nation. Later, Mediator has the red fairy build a lighter for her in three minutes. Later that night, Mediator has a bed with leaves.

The next day, Mediator hitches a ride on the train where she gets a tour of the island. She sees hundreds of fairies slaving on the farmland and the waterworks. Her house is finished. After a montage of fairies establishing electricity with pineapples and making a toilet for Mediator, Mediator sees a fairy getting high on sundew which is a narcotic. She gets the fairy arrested. Along the way, Mediator has an army of fairies tending to her every need, and she tosses sweets to her constituents. In her new castle, the Mediator finds the cacao research halted. Also, the lake water quality has changed with industrialization waste. One day, a fairy finds a plant that has candy, and Mediator declares a decree in researching making strains of candy plants. During a tour of the candy lands, the fairies are bored and asked to build monuments. The next day, Mediator finds the whole land covered with monuments, and the fairies state that they have no trees, the soil is ruined, and the water and electricity is down.

In her castle, she speaks to Wanderer who asks her what she will do. She says that she will have the fairies build a boat to escape the island once the rain is over and start the whole painful process again. With that said, Wanderer gets gloomy, and a storm cloud is formed above his head. It flies off to the sky, and Mediator realizes those storm clouds are created from fairies who are gloomy. The storm gets violent and the scene blacks out. As day breaks, the Mediator finds Grandpa and the assistant with him. Grandpa is here because the assistant is worried about Mediator. He punishes Mediator for going overboard and killing the 3 native species of spiders.

Points of Interest

  • Mediator makes a reference to the Emperor's New Clothes.
  • Rain clouds is created when fairies are gloomy.
  • The ending song plays without the usual anime sequence as the episode continues to play.


  • Japanese Name: ?
  • Opening Theme: "Real World" by nano.RIPEHitomi Harada
  • Ending Theme: "Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume (ユメのなかノわたしのユメ;My Dreams Inside of My Dreams)" by Masumi Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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Seiji Kishi Director Seiji Kishi is an anime series director.
Romeo Tanaka Original Concept He is the original creator of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined).


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