The Fairies' Secret Tea Party

The Fairies' Secret Tea Party is an anime episode of Humanity Has Declined that was released on 09/09/2012

The mediator remembers her first time at school and the special people she met.

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Plot Summary

Y's Riddle
Y's Riddle

When Mediator is 10 years old, she is seen starting school from the lowest grade. The woman tells Mediator that she can skip grade if she work hard. She finds a note hidden in the door slit. Outside, Mediator finds some children tormenting insects, and after the children are gone, she runs up the tower to read the message. That night, a robot finds Mediator and gives her a ticket for violating the rules, no children cannot be up past bedtime. Mediator informs the robot that she cannot get into her room because of the chains. The robot breaks the chains for her. Next day, Mediator bumps into Y, and Y gives her a lock or something to her. She tells Mediator she is boring even though Mediator solve Y's riddles. A little blonde girl asks Mediator to hang out with her, but Mediator declines. Mediator studies hard while remaining alone and not participating in social events. She aces her test, and the same blonde girl (Curly) congratulate her. Later in class, Mediator hides her textbook under her desk, and when the teacher notice Mediator has no book, she tells the blonde girl to sit by Mediator.

Green fairy has a big sweet tooth
Green fairy has a big sweet tooth

Moments later, Mediator tells the robot that she is not sure about the blonde girl's true nature. In the library, the principal asks Mediator what is she studying and tells Mediator indirectly to spend time with other students. In Mediator's room that night, the blonde girl comes in and talks about how Mediator is skipping a grade. Mediator goes off in some cryptic rant about how the blonde girl and her gang play a game to tease Mediator. The blonde girl looks intimidated by Mediator's dark nature. Outside, Mediator finds a fairy who is fleeing from a group of boys who want to dissect it. That night, she talks with the green fairy who informs her that he is alone. Mediator gives the fairy a sandwich, but the fairy is looking for something sweeter. Mediator hands a sugar cube to the fairy. The green fairy talks about disappearing from being lonely.

Outside her room, she finds the robot bumping into the wall. Y approaches Mediator and calls her broom head. In the cafeteria, the same boys who were hunting the green fairy bump into Mediator whose stew spilled over the floor. The woman asked Mediator to clean up if she spilled it. The blonde girl asks Mediator why she didn't tell the truth, and when Mediator brings up how the blonde girl orchestrated this incident, the blonde girl ran crying from the scene. Y grins and likes how Mediator is cold. That night, Mediator cannot sleep and runs in the hallway until she trips into a pile of bones. Mediator wishes she could make friends, and the green fairy grants Mediator's wish. Something "magically" changes Mediator's life.

Curly: Please be my big sister!
Curly: Please be my big sister!

A while later, Mediator is in the third grade, and the blonde girl (Mediator nicknames curly) appears as a new student. However, Curly finds herself lonely when the girls ignore her due Curly being the youngest. One day, Mediator hands Curly her skirt that is wet because of the robot. Curly hugs Mediator and begs her to be her big sister. Mediator cannot shake her off, and in her room, she finds Curly's stuff. Curly informs Mediator that she is living here with Mediator after forging Mediator's signature on an application. Curly spots cake batter, and Mediator wonders how Curly does not know what cake batter is. Mediator tells Curly that she wants to be sociable, and when Curly learns that Mediator is looking for more friends, Curly takes Mediator to her tea party.

Points of Interest

  • "The key is behind eternity" is the message that young Mediator found.
  • Interestingly, young Mediator is more friendly with fairies than children her age.
  • No ending sequence played.


  • Japanese Name: "Yōsei-san no, Chikyū" (妖精さんの、ちきゅう)
  • Opening Theme: N/A
  • Ending Theme: "Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume (ユメのなかノわたしのユメ;My Dreams Inside of My Dreams)" by Masumi Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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Seiji Kishi Director Seiji Kishi is an anime series director.
Romeo Tanaka Original Concept He is the original creator of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined).


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