The Fairies' Secret Tea Party Part 2

The Fairies' Secret Tea Party Part 2 is an anime episode of Humanity Has Declined that was released on 09/16/2012

Mediator has settled in her role of the Wild Rose Society and is continuing her rapid ascent to becoming a 6th year. But a night spent with Y will rock her very core.

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Plot Summary

Over at the tea party, the girls enjoy Mediator's cooking, and Mediator finds herself spending more time with the Wild Rose society. She finds a page torn out from a book, and the black haired girl mentions it's Silver who ripped out a part of the blue print. They inform Mediator that Y was a former member, and Y was interested in the research of the Fairies' secret tea party. Though, Y loses interest in the research. A year later, Mediator is now a fourth year, and Curly scolds Mediator for progressing too fast. Mediator sits by Y, and she gets bombarded by girls who admired her intellect. During class, Y asks Mediator if she enjoys hanging out with the girls at the tea parties. Meanwhile, Mediator sees Y who droped a book while in a hurry. That night, Mediator checks out a list of missing books.

In a secret room, Mediator informs Y about her missing book and states that Y has been stealing books. She states that she found out about the secret room from old books and that the robot keeps bumping into the wall. When Y mentions that Mediator could not solve that riddle back then, Mediator answers the riddle with an analysis on Solomon Grundy and King Solomon's ring. Mediator states that the answer is to find the copy of King Solomon's Ring that was returned on a Friday. She remarks that Y has created her own homosexual library while spinning in a circle. Mediator analyzes Y's personality and states that Y has a superior complex and joined the Wild Rose Society to gain access to books. However, Y states she was invited to the society, and she wanted to find a place where she belongs.

Then, Y tells Mediator not to tell anyone, and she promises her information that could saved her. Y reveals a hidden passageway where she leads Mediator down the dark corridors. Mediator thinks Y would trapped her down here. The first room is Flower Girl, and Y reveals Flower Girl's diary. Mediator reads about how Flower Girl documents a meticulous record of grudges and writes down stars for sin. In Witch's room, Y reveals a heavy book that contains bags of every girl's strand of hair. Mediator flips through the pages, and Y points that Witch likes Mediator due the presence of multiple pages on Mediator. Mediator proposes to burn it, but Y tells her not to do it. In the next room, Mediator sees two girls ranting and gossiping about their classmates, and the two drink alcohol.

The last room is Mediator's room where Mediator sees Curly feeding a doll. At first, Mediator thinks Curly is playing house, but when Curly mentions "onee-san," Mediator realizes that Curly is obsessed with her. Curly tells the doll that she could not find Mediator and that Mediator would leave her behind. Suddenly, Curly screams and throws soup at the doll. She apologizes to the doll and begin licking the soup off the doll's face. Mediator continues to watch the scene in horror. Then, Curly throws the doll against the wall and starts stabbing the doll repeatedly in anger. Mediator is shocked, and she asks Y that she cannot go to her room. Y tells her that children are not sweet or innocent and that it's rare to find anyone you can trust. Also, Y tells Mediator that she knows that Mediator is a bad liar, and she asks Mediator to team up with her.

During a montage of Mediator and Y studying together, they distance themselves from the Wild Rose Society and graduate from 5th grade. Though, Mediator has Y make peace with the Wild Rose Society, and the girls got along well. Mediator states she never felt lonely, but when Mediator goes into her sixth year, school starts to feel more empty as more students left. Mediator, Y, and Curly find a secret place that stores several large robots. Mediator suddenly remembers that there was a fairy, and she runs to find the green fairy. Yet, she could not find the fairy in the place where she found the fairy for the first time. Later, the school is torn down, and Mediator helps Curly clean up the Wild Rose Society. Curly cries and embraces Mediator. Afterwards, Mediator talks to the old janitorial robot that bumps into the wall repeatedly. She asks if the robot would like to come with her, but the robot does not respond to her questions and went on its merry ways.

As Mediator wakes up from her dream, she sees Y coming over for a visit. Y informs her that she has a job at school and that she has bought a yearbook for Mediator. She asks Mediator if she is good with robots, and Mediator finds the same robot from her past. Late that night, the fairies state that the robot has no soul, and suddenly, the green fairy pops out from the robot. Mediator cries once she sees the fairy. In a tea party, she and the fairy drink tea. The green fairy asks Mediator if she is lonely, and Mediator says she had a tea party in her head. The green fairy states he had lots of visitors. Mediator states that everything will slip like a dream.

Points of Interest

  • The ending theme song plays around 18:40 in the episode. No ending sequence is shown.


  • Japanese Name: "Yōsei-san no, Chikyū" (妖精さんの、ちきゅう)
  • Opening Theme: N/A
  • Ending Theme: "Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume (ユメのなかノわたしのユメ;My Dreams Inside of My Dreams)" by Masumi Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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Romeo Tanaka Original Concept He is the original creator of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined).
Seiji Kishi Director Seiji Kishi is an anime series director.


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