The Fairies' Secret Factory Part 2

The Fairies' Secret Factory Part 2 is an anime episode of Humanity Has Declined that was released on 07/08/2012
The group continues to be pulled apart by a mysterious forces. The UN Mediator is the only one to make it to the conference room where the truth is...
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Plot Summary

The Mediator asks the Receptionist if he has met any of the workers or his boss, and she is suspicious why the Fairies would hired a human. Then, the group realize Grandpa is gone, and the Receptionist goes to look for him. He never came back. The Mediator and her Assistant are lost. She asks Nakata to reproduce to dismantle the factory. Nakata asks her to make him laugh since laughter makes Fairies. The Mediator's Assistant showcases the story through a sketchbook that makes poor Nakata all gloomy. As they search and get lost, the conveyor belt starts moving towards the defective disposal area. She finds herself falling towards the mechanical grinder that looks like a Pac Man. Somehow, the Mediator finds herself saved, but she doesn't find anyone. Then, the CLT director appears and makes his way down to the Mediator. He notices her hair is longer, and she lies about her hair begins wig. The Mediator explains she is her to inspect why things are coming out of FairyCo. She thinks the director is smuggling goods, and she intimidates the poor man. The director does not know his superiors, and he leads the Mediator to find upper management. The director is excited about his promotion and prepares to lead her, yet he falls into a hole. The Mediator walks nonchalantly towards the conference room where a group of skinned chickens greet her.

Exposing themselves, the skinned chickens reveal themselves in their glory. The boss speaks an inaudiable language. Nakata appears and asks her if she wants him to translate for her. As he translates the boss's evil gloat, the Mediator wants Nakata to ask him. Then, Nakata reveals the Translator Glasses that has a built in mic. It has subtitles in its visors. When she adjusts the visor's visuals to see the subtitles better, the boss rants about how he is going to make weapons to defeat the humans and to build a new society. The Mediator asks the skinned chickens to repeat what they said. She steps forward with a knife in her hand, and the chickens curse at her which the glasses translate literally. When she hands a coin to Nakata, the skinned chickens trigger a trap, a cage drops on her. The Assistant arrives to shoot with his camera, and the chickens flee. Nakata points that the cage has been bent open, and the Mediator thanks god as she chases the Assistant. In the chaos, the skinned chicken flee only to be processed into food. At the edge of the cliff, the Assistant corner the chickens who have fallen over the cliff. Inside the factory, the Mediator finds the missing men, and some chicken sandwiches arrive. She asks Grandpa why the chicken can speak, and Grandpa reasons that the synthesizing food might give them artificial intelligence. The Village Leader promote CLT director, and when a package of fairies arrive on a toy train, the Village Leader states that the skinned chicken have imprisoned the fairies.

Back at home, Mediator finds out her hair can move and communicate (with translator glasses on) which means her hair saved her life.

After the Credits

The red haired girl asks god if they are oing to have weed soup until it rained birds. Somehow, the skinned chicken group falls through window above god's statue. The children and the girl thank god for the chicken.

Points of Interest

  • Fairies reproduce if they laugh and have fun.
  • Nakata can translate what the skinned chickens said.
  • Nakata has a Translator Glasses that gives subtitles to translate what the skinned chicken said. Plus, it can act as a translator mic.
  • The skinned chickens are afraid of the Assistant's camera.
  • It is implied that Mediator lost her hair at the human monument event that the CLT Director spoke of.
  • Ave Maria is heard when the chickens have fallen.


  • Japanese Name: "Yōsei-san no, Himitsu no Kōjō" (妖精さんの、ひみつのこうじょう)
  • Opening Theme: "Real World" by nano.RIPEHitomi Harada
  • Ending Theme: "Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume (ユメのなかノわたしのユメ;My Dreams Inside of My Dreams)" by Masumi Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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Romeo Tanaka Original Concept He is the original creator of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined).
Seiji Kishi Director Seiji Kishi is an anime series director.


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