The Fairies' Earth

The Fairies' Earth is an anime episode of Humanity Has Declined that was released on 09/02/2012

It’s the Mediator’s first day of her new job and she is already a god.

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Plot Summary

Mediator stalks some fairies
Mediator stalks some fairies

Somewhere, Mediator hitches a ride to a village during her narration. Arriving to Camphorwood Village, Mediator reunites with her grandfather. While Grandpa inspects his guns, Grandpa tells Mediator to meet the neighbors. She goes off to an area mark with a red fairy hat, a garbage dump that was inhabitable. Then, Mediator reads Grandpa's predecessor's journal, and it talks a lot about food. Mediator feels her role is doing nothing, and next day, she pours sugar candy in a pot at the dumpster to attract the fairies. Also, she add some fun flags. As time progressed, she spots fairies congregating at the location of the bait. She sneaks off to observe the fairies, but she trips. The fairies look at her, and then, they run away. Even though most run away, she finds three little fairies remaining in the pot. That night, she brings the frightened fairies to her home.

Fairies: Please don't eat us!
Fairies: Please don't eat us!

Thinking how to interact with the fairies, Mediator makes a joke about snacking on them which causes the fairies to wet themselves. She hands some sugar candy that has the fairies all happy. Mediator thinks she is bribing them with candy, and she notices that there is one extra fairy. One of the fairy asks Mediator if she is god. The fairy points, and Mediator touches his index finger with her index finger. A magic glow occurs. Mediator tells them that she will bring them back to the dump where they are born. The fairies wonder where they are born, and Mediator asks them about their names which the fairies do not have one. Mediator gives the first two fairies their names while the last two name themselves. Later, Grandpa tells Mediator to be careful with the fairies.

Mediator's statue of honor
Mediator's statue of honor

Back at the dump, Mediator finds the dump transformed into a colorful city, and the fairy warning goes off. A robot emerges, and Mediator persuades the fairy that she is not an enemy. Once the pilot eject from the robot, Nakata greets Mediator, and Mediator finds Nakata already forgetting his name. Mediator asks to name the fairies, and the fairies make a line that overwhelms Mediator. When Mediator claps, the fairies go into a ball. She is about to go back on her word, but she gives them a dictionary so the fairies can name themselves. When Mediator comes back to the transformed garbage dump, she finds a giant statue erected in her honor. the Fairies name her god, and Mediator tag Nakata. She tells him that Nakata is god. Then, chaos ensues when Nakata tries to tag other fairies. The city crumbles to pieces, and Grandpa finds Mediator. He tells her to take it easy and he shoves her into the statue that falls over and breaks.

Points of Interest

  • Fairy urine is pure water.
  • No opening theme song is played, and the closing theme song plays during the ending scenes.

Fairies names:

  1. Cap
  2. Nakata
  3. Sir Christopher McFarlane
  4. Chikuwa


  • Japanese Name: "Yōsei-san no, Chikyū" (妖精さんの、ちきゅう)
  • Opening Theme: N/A
  • Ending Theme: "Yume no Naka no Watashi no Yume (ユメのなかノわたしのユメ;My Dreams Inside of My Dreams)" by Masumi Itou

Characters & Voice Actors

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Romeo Tanaka Original Concept He is the original creator of Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita (Humanity Has Declined).
Seiji Kishi Director Seiji Kishi is an anime series director.


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