The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord

The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord is an anime episode of The Devil is a Part-Timer! that was released on 06/06/2013
The Devil is a Part Timer!
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It's a busy day at the local amusement park, with crowded restaurants, animals on the loose, scary ghosts, and a much-needed swimwear intervention.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

The Extraordinary Days of the Hero and the Dark Lord
Maō to Yūsha, Itsumo to Chigatta Nichijō o Sugosu
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EndingTsuki Hana
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Mayumi asks Sadao to help her friend at another MgRonald. Chiho volunteers to help Sadao and gets a bit sad when Mayumi tells her that they only need Sadao. Meanwhile at Sadao's residence, Lucifer proposes to Ashiya and Sadao that they should do a haunted house to replenish their magic using people's fear. Chiho calls Emi and invites her to Hushimaen. Meanwhile, Suzuno informs Emi what Sadao is up to, and she is confused why Emi is so relaxed. While Sadao is working at MgRonalds, Chiho, Emi, and Suzuno get ready to enjoy themselves at the amusement part. Chiho orders from Sadao and expects him to compliment her. Though, Sadao remarks about how this restaurant was better than theirs. Then, Suzuno and Emi arrive. Emi comments on how Sadao has no delicacy while Suzuno is here to learn about society.

Later in the haunted house, Chiho runs off and leaves Emi and Suzuno when she gets afraid. Emi and Suzuno find a little girl who is lost and freaks out when the girl's head turns around without her body moving. In front of the reptile exhibition, Chiho comments how lizards appear out of nowhere while Emi recalls her fight with giant lizards. When Suzuno shares how she tasted lizard meat for the first time, Emi interrupts her. During their visit, Emi bumps into a man and drops her keys. Then, a circus monkey picks up zoo keeper's keys. Afterwards, the monkey pop out of the bush and jumps into Chiho's bosom.

Later, the circus man finds his monkey whose name is Sadao. Emi and Suzuno start teasing Sadao by talking with the monkey. At the same time, the alligators get out of their cages because the monkey has used the keys to open it. When the patrons discover alligators in the pool, Sadao uses the fear of the people to gather the alligators to him. Suzuno wonders why Sadao is helping the humans. After day's work, Mayumi's friend thank Sadao for a good job. On the way home, Chiho shares with Emi that she enjoy today. After Suzuno and Chiho depart the train, Suzuno notices a blue haired man revealing his white wings (Sariel). Back at Sadao's residence, Ashiya is still suffering from food poisoning.

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The following quotes are from the Crunchyroll subtitle script, timestamps are approximate.

Zookeeper: "Sadao here loves the ladies, you see. He's a real problem child!"
Emi: "Ah, yes.. and he likes big ones best..."
— Emi teasing Sadao

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Satoshi Wagahara Original Concept Satoshi Wagahara is a writer.
Naoto Hosoda Director
Masahiro Yokotani Writer He is one the who does the scripts and series composition.


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