The Exploding Fist! Destroy the Auction

The Exploding Fist! Destroy the Auction is an anime episode of One Piece that was released on 04/12/2009

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

The Exploding Fist! Destroy the Auction 鉄拳炸裂!オークションをぶっつぶせ (tekken sakuretsu ! oukushon wobuttsubuse)

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The auction over Camie's fate is settled in the worst possible way. With the arrival of Luffy. The blood of a friend is shed, and actions will be taken that will shake the world.
— FUNimation


Opening Theme-

"Share the World!" by TVXQ

Episode Synopsis

Disco is promoting the dancer, Pashia for the auctions. The opening bid is 800,000 Berries, but has reached 7.2 Million Berries.

Outside the Sabaody Archipelago's Human Shop Auction House, the Celestial Dragon, Charloss, has finally arrived. His assistant tells him that the auction is likely nearly over, and Charloss blames the man he's been riding like a mule. He kicks him repeatedly in the head. Once the man collapses, Charloss order's his man to sell off the slave while they are here.

Chopper takes notice of Charloss. Nami and Sanji mention the consequences of defying them.

Charloss expresses a desire for a mermaid, but his assistant mentions it's unlikely since mermaids are near impossible to catch. Hearing this worries Hatchan and Pappagu.

An auction house worker runs to Charloss' side bowing. He greets him and guides him to where his family is already seated as VIPs. As he walks down, everyone casts their eyes away.

The next person up for auction is forced out. A pirate captain named Lacuba. He used to have a bounty of 17,000,000 Berries.

Sudden;y, Lacuba starts to sway and falls to his knees. Blood is pouring out of his mouth as he collapses. The crowd starts to panic. Disco quietly calls for the curtains to be closed.

Nami asks what happened, and Sanji explained that the man bit off his own tongue to commit suicide.

Behind the curtain, the auction worker reports the bad news to Disco. Camie has bee prepared for auction in a sealed fish bowl. She's to be sold next.

Out in Grove #13, Zoro is still wandering around. He notices that he's not in Grove #13, but thought he had just passed Grove #2 on his way to Grove #1. It's true, but he thinks it's his imagination. He then comes across the thugs who tried to attack him earlier. They attempt to run away, but they stop running on his command. He blames them for fake directions.

Before Zoro can get even meaner, Luffy appears on a flying Fish. Luffy calls out to him. He reaches out and pulls Zoro to him so they can move on. He's launched into the sky. Zoro threatens to slice him in two once day, and Luffy apologizes.

Back at the auction house, Disco tries to blame Lacuba's passing out due to being nervous and just had a nosebleed. He promotes the next entry and a drum roll starts. A large draped object is pulled out. the back is lit and you can see the shadow of Camie. the drape is removed the the crowd goes wild. Charloss looks like he's catatonic with joy.

Camie looks around and sees Hatchan and everyone in the back. the tension in the crowd is building.

Before Disco can even start the bidding. Charloss calls out a bid of 500,000,000 Berries. Everything goes quiet. Nami drops her auction paddle in shock. She only has 200,000,000 Berries at most.

Charloss's father, Roswald, calls it a waste of money since his fish tank at home is already filled with piranhas. Charloss says he wants to have them chase her for fun since mermaids are the fastest in the water.

Inside the tank, Camie can't hear what is going on outside this fish tank. She starts to panic and pounds on the glass bowl for Hatchan to save her. She's starting to become more and more upset.

Just in case, Disco asks if there are any higher bids for Camie.

Hatchan wants to help her escape, but that wouldn't help with the collar.

Eustass Kid calls this like a miniature version of the world and calls his men to get ready to leave. As they are leaving, the sound of someone's screams becomes louder. Luffy is moving closer and closer until the flying fish he is riding goes crashing into the auction house. People in the crowd are sent flying.

Luffy is upset that the fish couldn't land any better. Zoro is still confused about what is going on.

Law and Kid are getting their first look at Luffy. He suddenly remembers Camie and starts looking around, oblivious to everything else. Looking on the stage he sees her and starts running to rescue her. Hatchan dives forward to stop him, but can't hold back the charging Luffy. Luffy wont listen to any reason to stop. Hatchan is forced to remove the arms he had been hiding in the jacket, and this only slows Luffy.

A woman screams when she notices that Hatchan is a Fish-man. He accidentally lets go and Luffy keeps running. the crowd is in an uproar about how disgusting fishmen are.

Sanji and the crew are confused, but Nami explains that Robin told her about the persecution and discrimination of Fishmen on this island.

Suddenly, a gunshot is heard and Luffy stops. Hatchan has been shop in the back by Charloss. He falls down the stairs. Blood is pouring out of him. Luffy is looking back in shock.

Charloss is doing a little dance and praising himself for shooting a fishman. Nami calls out, and the crowd is happy, Luffy hearing their words mocking Hatchan.

Camie is screaming, but can't be heard.

Charloss is still dancing. Saying he can keep "it" for free since he caught it himself.

Luffy is now calmly walking up the stairs. Hatchan reaches out to grab Luffy. His voice is waeak and he pleads with Luffy to remember the promise he made about not defying the Celestial Dragons.

Hatchan is blaming himself. He was once a pirate who caused a lot of harm, and this is his punishment for the past. He apologizes, and says he wanted to try and make some small amends to the harm he cause Nami in the past.

Luffy takes Hatchan's hand and kneels next to him. Hatchan says all he ever causes in trouble.

Charloss' bursts in telling Hatchan to be silent. He takes aim, but Luffy shields him. Luffy has a look of quite rage in his eyes.

Slowly, Luffy starts walking up toward Charloss. Pappagu tries to tell him to stop. The crowd is watching Luffy in shock. Even Law and Kid are surprised. Charloss tries to take two shots and Luffy and misses both. Luffy draws back his fist, and punches Charloss straight in the face. The impact is so great the bubble on his head bursts, and he is sent flying through several rows of seats.

Luffy stands there looking at the aftermath completely serious.

Points of Interest

  • The final price of the dancer Pashi is never shown.

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